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RC Tanks.

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10 hours ago, Gibsonm said:

Its a pity that the company is now up for sale and no longer selling product - assuming you could afford it.




The video shows Wichita tankmans builds the guy builds them to 1/3 scale and they fire shot gun blanks.


Its a shame armortek is in difficulties I always promised my self I would get one when I retire

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They just cost too damn much....

They tried a "production" 25 lb field gun. £500- ish


I think for a base line panther the asking price was £3k

You got a basic "it works!" Package

But the fast turn turrets, blank firers etc are add ons

And each one was £500+



Wish I had the spare cash.

I'd have avringa's leopard off him in an instant :-) 

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I recently purchased the T-90 and M1A2. The M1A2 has metal tracks and running gear. One of the front wheels had a habit of coming off and putting the metal tack back was a pain. I was going to use locktite to secure the screw holding the wheel, but ended up using elmers glue instead as I read locktite can eat away plastic unless you buy a special version, which costs 4 times more. Other than that I like both of them. The T-90 is lighter and has non steel tracks and is more zippy. I noticed on the box the T-90 came in says that General Dynamics makes the T-90!!!! I find that when racing them its better to just leave all the external stuff off. At some point I'd like to get the Challenger and Leopard. I think Heng Long made some WW2 stuff a while back, but the quality was spotty. I'm going to buy the non steel replacement tracks for the M1 and see how they perform.


I also have a small air force of drones and helos.








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