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Midweek Madness 14/09/16 @ GMT17:00 - Golden Eye

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Halfway to the weekend? It's time for...Midweek Madness.

Open to all. Friendly Head 2 Head

D.O.W. Vu  & Red Alert Vu


Webnesday Mission 14/09/16 @ GMT17:00

Golden Eey By Dogs of War VU

This scenario is a simulation and does not have any political message.


Blue forces are to attack and take objectives Iron and Copper






Mission Summary:
Blue Battalion is to attack and capture objectives IRON and COPPER and to prepare for possible RED forces counter attack.


Excerpts of the battalion commander's orders for...
    a) Red Forces:
                                Reinforced remainders of mechanized battalion has been retreating and taken hasty defensive positions from objective IRON, consisting mainly BTR-80s, BMP-2s, and possible company of old T-62s.

    b) Blue Forces:
                                2 companies (B and C) of M1A1

                                1 company (D) of Leopard 2A4

                                1 company (E) of M2A2 mech inf



    c) Attachments and detachments: A company of Recon, Support and supply. Artillery of 6 batteries (6 tubes) HE, smoke, ICM. No air assets cause of bad weather.





Mission includes:

- Battle plan. For each company / Platoon

- Scripted routing for all units (Blue and RED)

- Scripted Events



take units you want to play,

Lead your units to battle supporting AI units,

And - HAVE FUN! 



Overhead view? Yes

**                      Notes                       **

SB Version: v4.004
Session Name: Golden Eye
Created by: Dogs of War VU
Multi-Crew: No
Single Crew: Yes
Mission Duration: 60-120mins
Head 2 Head / CO-OP: H2H
Date: Thursday 14-09-16
Time: 17:00 GMT
Location: DOW TeamSpeak
Time (local): Click here
Room: Dogs of War


Minimum Skill level: Beginner
Who can play?: Open to all


Vehicles in mission : (in mission)



Leopard 2A4

Bradley M2A2





You can just listen if you wish by using Teamspeak. You do NOT need Steel Beasts.

Teamspeak Download (windows): [/b] Click here
Teamspeak  IP: dow.ts.nfoservers.com wait in lobby for access to other areas.


All Welcome




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Updated time and info.
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Maybe is better than nothing :) 


This will be very casual and relaxed as people can take what they want and let AI control the rest. Hopefully even very fun and surprising.



Also we are very fortunate that a hard winter has caused all the waters to freeze. :D


Also visibility will be limited cause of, not so good weather. So frames should be very good for all. 

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We ended it for sake of our own mental healthiness :P


Truly I think there was only two players with operational vehicles and only some few of those. There was nothing do do. Those blue that could would have escaped as far as possible and even scattered a bit. So once you annihilated our delaying force we decided to index mission. 


It was a good game and once again we got proofs that never underestimate opposition force's 

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