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Kanium Sunday 18th sep 16 mission

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Greetinsg Gentlemen,


Details and the typical briefing form will be up tonight, please take this as a warning order.

Our company(+) and support assets will be part of a Multy national Brigade in attack on a enemy airfield.(=player units)

Our BN(mainly AI controlled) is attcking with 2 companies abreast from the east as a support attack to  bind enemy forces there and reach a Support by-fire position IOT support the MAIN assault conducted by UK-units , comming from the south.


Currently our company (PzGren(+)) is following the lead company in teh attack, at X=0(we start the mission) a BN order has been given over Radio, Company CO and Plt leader are together for a quick briefing on a make-shift sandbox.

in 35 Minutes there will be supporting fires by the BG-arty (so the briefing and movement to the LD(line of departure) should be done by then!

The time till then can be used by the recon platoon to gather more intel on the enemy BPs



1 Situation:


Remanents of an enemy BMP-Rgt (about BN strength) supported by irregulars and at least one company of an Air-force security Rgt a currnently defending an Airport IOT enable resupply and reeforcements for the OPFOR units.



Multynational Brigade IV is attacking the OBJ AIRPORT with 2 Battailions. GE BN(+/-) on the right and UK BN(+/-) left. Main effort with UK BN.


2) Mission GE BN is to attack enemy forces from the east as a supporting IOT draw away enemy defences from the main assult and take surpport-by fire positons

    for the capture of the airport.



3a) GE BN intent is to attack with 2 companies abreast north of the lake IOT bind and neutralize enemy in that area and to take support by fire position in time to support the

     british assault.(note: tbh I have no idea how to time the attack nicely, so the british assault will start once we reached the SbF in strenght...)




Recon plt:

-recon possible attack routes and staging area before the attack

-recon enemy defensive positions and possile obstacles

-overwhatch on flanks  during the break in and exploitation phase


B-company(tank +/-): -attack on the left(main effort), push through enemy defences,

                   -take SbF BP east of the airport.



C(PzGren (+/-): Follow behind B, 


    -reeforce B

    -outflank enemy infront of B to the south and continue attack

    -block enemy counterattacks from the south


D(PzGren): Attack abreast B on the right, neutralize enemy in the woods, guard B's flank, SbF BP north east of the airport


E(PzGren): ...follow behind D


F(Mortars): -Support B as Main effort

                  - suppress and neutralize enemy Observers and ATGM units with highest priority



3d) air defence measures

      Air-space observation by all units,

      Weapon status: ready for defence,  hold fire


3e) No NBC threat warning




4) combat support and CSS:

Fires: - low priority support from Brigade artillery during the mission

         -attached 4 FO teams to the BN

         -allocated 60 rounds to support the BN's attack 


CSS:- all units fully supplied and at 100%

       - ARV and medic teams attached to all companies

Eng: follow 20 minutes behind combat units, BPT enable support attacking companies  by enabling movement in heavy terrain and opening obstacles


5) C2 measures

   -have your whisperlists ready (don't spam BN net with in-company-traffic!)

   -meeting time at 181730Zsep16 at Kanium TS

   -in game starting time: 0800Zsep16

   -whatchword: Papa-Golf

   -terrain-numbers, reference points as per maptrace(will follow)

   - A-66 moves with B company



SITREP on 0745Zsep16(game time) will be send to the "Officers"(C66, C65, F66, Recon plt, CSS and Eng leaders on 152000Bsep15 /real time)




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Placeholder Manning-list-



C65* Apocalypse

*66 and 65 will be "actual persons"=infantry teams. aim is to simulate the company command how its done IRL, they are commanding with a map(+BMS system+radio) from the rear departments while the command NCO drive the IFV where they are needed. They are supposed to be mounted on 16C vehicles



16C (command section)(2x Marder 1A4...we squint a bit here)




1C (4x Marder1A3, Sniper team, 2x ATGM team, 3 MG teams 3 AT-teams)


12C-(Gunslinger 668)


14C(2IC)-StKp PzBrig18




2C (4x Marder1A3, Sniper team, 2x ATGM team, 3 MG teams 3 AT-teams)








3C (4x Leo2A6)


32C-Maj Duck




4C (4x Leo2A6)






5C (CSS):

51(Company Sgt)-Pinzgauer(Wolf double)-

52/43(Maintenace section) 1x Dingo 2A2, 1xWisent ARV-

54/45(Supply section) 1xUnimog Supply/1x URAL fueler(stand in for 5to F-54 truck)-

56(Medic) BOXER Ambulace-





Recon platoon (4x Mercedes "Wolf", split in 2 teams, each team has one lMG team and 1 rifle team as dismounts. In the "Wolf" looks like a

                        Pinzgauer, Level-2 squinting required)

Recon team A:



Recon teamB






3F(FO-attached to C-company)-



1P(FO attached to C-company)-/P66 Zipuli



G11 Fuchs1A6 eng- GRENNY

G12 Wisent ARV + Mineplow as Dachs standin

G14 Fuchs1A6 eng - Boone

G13 Wisent ARV + Mineplow as Dachs standin


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