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SB Pro PE High rez Upgrade


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back to the point.... It will be done when its done I'm afraid. I have little time at the moment, but I'm working on it when I can. I will continue to release as the work progresses. Even the unfinished versions offer a few improvements and ( not just coz i made it) its worth down loading. Take a look to the online docs here for more information on releases and when to expect them

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Make your Own Alternative Ground textures.

I've written a program similar to the program I used to make the original tiles for the game. But with many improvements. Produces Tesselating Fractal ranges with user definable colours. The fact that they tesselate means that you don't get any obvious tiling. Has facilities for adding shading. Produce any number of new tiles with ease.

E-mail or PM me to request a copy.

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same here shot, I'm still working on the mod when I have the time, but not much happening right now.

And to all who download the 0.42 version, please note there is a problem with the install pack not installing the files in the right place for some users, just check the location is correct before installing, s!

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