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In order to play with you guys, we, the Spaniards, are going to train. The number of Spanish players fortunatly is increasing slow, but it is enough.

So, after playing a few, when our level as unit will be good enough, I would like to participate in your massive games.

But I have a question. How is the way you play? Each player command a unit (platoon level, for example)? or one player, one tank?

What about the signals? Each coy commander receives orders in a C2 channel only for commanders or everybody is in the same channel?

Thanks a lot, and, once again, sorry for my English level. xD

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The player level of command varies with the size of the scenario and the number of players. From my fairly limited time online, typical games seem to give players control of a platoon, possibly with supporting units to rotate into the fight as the battle develops. It is possible to receive company level battlegroups, or for there to be several players per platoon.

A final variation is the 'fully manned tanks' or FMT, where a relatively small unit gets a human commander and gunner.

Depending on comms discipline and the commanders' intent the comms may be single channel, or with each formation on it's own channel, with Company/Battallion HQ typically using whisper to coordinate.

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