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Users happy with Not Windows 10


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I split this off from the thread about the Windows 10 anniversary update.

  1. This is the support forum, and such opinion pieces would rather belong to Ground Zero
  2. It was a dedicated support thread to inform people suffering from Anniversary Update related bugs (particularly broken CM containers) about relevant news. Lately there seems to be an invasion of that thread with off-topic musings that are not only not contributing to the issue, but even threatening to bury relevant information.

Therefore I decided to bring the signal to noise ratio back to an acceptable level. Maybe this thread should be moved over to Ground Zero.

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On 22/9/2016 at 4:13 AM, Nercon said:



Well Ssnake explained it ^_^ Just talking about Win 7 / Win 10 on this topic :

  Next time will do it in Ground Zero ;) didn't know it was a "dedicated support thread:$

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