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Leop[ard Lockup


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I'm experiencing  problem when playing off-line on Leopard tanks. Several seconds after occupying the gunner's seat, the graticle pattern will superimpose itself on the end of the gun barrel and completely lock up. When I then go to the observer location, I see that the gun no longer traverses an arc. An AI gunner seems to have no  problem, but a human gunner (me, in this example) gets the lock up. Screenshot attached. Anyone know the solution? I'm about to reinstall the whole program as a final solution. TIA for any ideas!




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It's a bug. Apparently it's somehow possible with some obscure hotkey function to activate the muzzle reference correction procedure (which however is disabled in the Personal Edition, so you don't get to see anything). Reinstalling won't help you. It's a bug that we'll have to fix. If you could find out what hotkey activated this, maybe pressing it again will make it go away. Let me know if you find out more.

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