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Alpha channel trouble/ questions


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I have been working up my V3 M1  skins to now include the existing decals and doing a general update to release a V4 pack. The models have not changed that I can tell  for the M1 series. However, I am having some trouble with the gear bags on the rear on the M1A0. The bags are see through along with some parts of the turret. Whats the matter? Is is a conversion to dds issue? I generally make my skins in PSP and save as a PSD file to convert to a dds using Photoshop.



Next issue. Is there a way to "alpha" out the equipment bag in the rear bustle rack of the IPM1 and MA1A's? I think the tank would look better without the low rez tarp.






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13 hours ago, Splash said:


Yes, but it leaves a black hole. There is no texture mapped to the floor of the bustle.



OK, I think I can live with that. I cannot figure out how to edit the alpha channel though. On a side note didn't I see a thread where someone had a shape file viewer that you could view shapes in without firing the sim up?

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I'm probably of limited help because I don't know what PSP does or doesn't do.
But in Gimp 2.8, channels are accessible in a tab in the same dialog box with the layers, paths and history tabs.


You should make this edit on the final, flattened form of your skin; before you export it as a .dds.


(Of course you can also do it on a finished skin from the folder -- that's what I did for the example -- but you lose some quality with the additional compression upon saving.)


But I don't even bother with the channels dialog. I just use the scissors tool to 'cut' the part(s) from the flattened layer. (leaves the 'checkerboard' of a transparent layer. Then export it as a .dds (with mipmaps, rgbA8 format and DXT3 compression) and place it in both the nation AND seasonal root mod folders.


Something not mentioned in the referenced thread: There's still some very subtle ghosting from, I suppose, the normal and/or specular maps. So it seems logical that editing those also would be necessary. I haven't messed with that myself.


If you'e up to a challenge, it would be wicked cool to eliminate the CITV from the Aussie M1 (when using the M1A2SEP as a stand-in). This is absolutely doable -- but a little complicated because the CITV is composed of several noncontiguous parts on both the main skin and 'interior' skin.

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I am updating my M1 mods and will likely release a 4.006 M1, IPM1, MA1A and M1A1(HA) but I want to get rid of the blob in the basket. I have added camo to the blob but it's so low rez it just looks bad. I did an Aussie M1A1 and it's in the library. These models still look great but I suspect they will get upgraded in the next major release to go with the M60A3 and M113A1/2/3. I have never redone the skins for the M1A2, playing with those is just cheating :) 

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