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SB Pro PE 4.006 — released


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I wish to report the following:


1. The release notes contain a bug, and reference 'Drizzle' precipitation.

In game is found only "Light", "Medium", "Heavy", and "Extreme".


2. The release notes say that the M60A3 will not turn off stabs when moving at "slow" speed.

The loader continues to turn off stabs when moving at slow speed...

I request the implementation of a firing squad so that he may be executed.

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1 minute ago, Marko said:

Thanks Esim.

With every new release.

I cant help wondering will the battle against the bugs be ever won. LoL



As an outside observer....


No, the battle against the bugs will always continue, because there will always be new bugs...

There will always be new bugs because the sim is being constantly expanded, evolved, improved, adjusted, tailored, etc.


The bugs we see are usually a side effect of growth.  We get new toys, we get new bugs.  We fix the bugs, we enjoy the new toys.

Remember that with a conventional game, at some point they sit down and say "NOTHING NEW!  Beta test and fix the bugs!"...Not so true with SB...They're probably already working on new tanks for the next release.

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42 minutes ago, ChrisWerb said:

Unless already incorporated in the game and I simply haven't figured out where to access it - some ambient sounds like crickets/grasshoppers, bird calls, livestock calls, wind noise when it's windy etc. for immersion.

I recently learned in a 4.0 teaser video, some ambient sounds already exist. I don't know since what version, but I just haven't noticed the sounds over vehicle noise. The video I watched was a missile team demo, hence no mechanical noise, and the ambient sounds can clearly be heard. A nice touch.

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