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BMD-2 in depth article


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Thanks for posting ChrisWerb

Considering the BMD and BMP share  the same fire control system maybe SB will get a playable version of the BMD-2 in the future

I have always been interested in airborne assault operations.

 The soviets poured a lot of resources in to the airborne forces they could deploy thousands of troops very quickly

And with AFV's like the BMD had great mobility.

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44 minutes ago, mpow66m said:

can they do that?


Yes (just the crew inside) with the vehicle deployed either by parachute or their version of LAPES.


Also its one of those "just because you can, doesn't mean you should" (or have to) situations.


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At first when I heard of it I thought screw that no way would I descend inside a IFV by chute.

But when you thing about it Paratroopers are extremely vulnerable to ground fire while descending you mite be better off inside the BMD

It mite give you cover from small arms fire.

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4 minutes ago, mpow66m said:

yes i understand that but can they eject it from a plane into a river via a chute or LAPES.?


I think that would be pretty much up to chance.


The parachutes aren't steerable (they are the basic cargo ones) and trying to line a LAPES run up with a river's course is going to take some pretty good flying.


They may well have a DZ that borders a lake (I guess better than a forest or a swamp) and a vehicle(s) might ramdomly land there but I don't think they'd plan for it to land in a body of water. :)

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Also parachutes get 'heavier' when in water and the platforms are heavy, even without vehicles rigged to them.


I have seen a training vid of US soldiers drop in a jeep. But vehicles hit hard, and you don't really know where they will land, so I would not drop in a vehicle.


Normally equipment and troops are dropped separately, at least everything I've seen.

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