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We may be near to WWIII within months to 5 years of it

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I have a hobby of analyzing geopolitics and this is my latest 'Geopolitics A-B-C' post on Linked In (just posted yesterday):


Geopolitics A-B-C

My previous entry (30 days old) wrote about the expected increase in the game of brinkmanship played by Russia and expectedly soon joined by China. What Russia is doing now, all these threats of war and nuclear war are an attempt by a frightened Putin to intimidate the U.S. into doing exactly nothing as to avoid increasing the already high tension and risking an all-out war with Russia. Against the background of a sluggish economy, China should be expected to follow suit with its own brinkmanship game. Brinkmanship is a dangerous game because sooner or later you have to up the game often past the point of tolerance to your enemy and sometimes your enemy may call your bluff and you have a real war instead. It's very effective to galvanize support at home. With Duterte defusing contention over the South China Sea with his overture to China, China may use the issue of Taiwan as a backdrop of its forthcoming brinkmanship game of its own.   The prerequisite for China's own brinkmanship game is a dire state of its economy.


Then I found this article: http://www.businessinsider.com/serious-people-are-starting-to-realize-that-we-may-be-looking-at-world-war-iii-2011-8?IR=T&r=US&IR=T


That man's insight is NOT an exaggeration in my opinion. It's time to forgive everyone, repent, and pray for world peace. I know no one will heed that call and our broken humanity is going to spark WWIII sooner than we might have expected. It's a scary time we are living in now. The only reason WWIII is possible is because no one but the U.S. had nuclear weapons. Should WWIII happen it's the end of civilization as we know it....or the end of humanity.



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