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Russian IR NOT working


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You're using them during the day time.


The Russian IR scopes are "Near infrared", like starlight scopes and nigh-vision goggles, which means that they don't show heat signatures, but rather the 0.75–1.4 um wavelength.  These sights would be useless during the daytime, if not damaged/destroyed by bright light.  They are bolted closed during the day.  These are "image intensifier" sights.


During a night scenario you will be able to use them, although without any source of IR illumination as yet modeled, you won't see much anyway as these are relatively poor passive sight systems.



Most American/German/British units you play with have sights that look into the intermediate or long infrared wavelength.  This means they're actually able to see heat sources and display this as a picture.  Thus, "Imaging infrared" or "Thermal imaging", including systems like TTS, TIS, FLIR, etc.  Those systems can be used day and night.


The distinction between the two types is important, although I think sometimes since we tend to use very generic terms it easily becomes confused.

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15 hours ago, Dev1nMooseyCabbage said:

Thanks, finally put me at ease and i also like learning new things. Thanks for spending the time to educate an old guy like me.


We are all young kids here learning something new every day.  ;)  :)  Also, I would highly recommend you make and try a night time mission with the Russian equipment.  It is usually nail-biting to say the least.  :D

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22 hours ago, Maj.Hans said:

No problem.  I still learn stuff every day.  It's counter intuitive, particularly since here in the west "IR" when thrown around here in the west basically means imaging infrared, like TIS/TTS from the M1/M60.


That's a good point. We tend to forget that we had those old IR systems on vehicles too before we went to Image Intensifying, then back to IR in the form of TI/IIR/FLIR. Did Soviet IR searchlights double up as white light searchlights like ours did?

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