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Again, on Assetto Corsa (your impression on Aventador SV)

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Can anyone who has pushed a real Aventador or the SV version comment on the following assessment?! Or can anyone point me to an owner frank impression of the SV version. Almost all video reviews of the SV are quite subjective in my opinion. Thank you

Assetto Corsa is an incredible racing and driving simulation. To drive the point I'm going to write this short review on one of the cars. If you have driven a Lamborghini Aventador or its SV version and pushed it on a track you will probably find the assessment quite spot on.

Lamborghini since its acquisition by Audi has been churning out better cars than before. Most notably from the barren period during its ownership by an Indonesian conglomerate. The Huracan GT3 and Super Trofeo have been making names for themselves in the motorsport world. Unfortunately, the same can't be said of the awkward and obscenely expensive Veneno and the affordable Aventador and Aventador SV hypercars.

The Aventador suffers from a slight understeer (which is to say it handles somewhat like a fast minivan) and relatively weak brakes. For most drivers, however, the Aventador and Aventador SV provide a relatively affordable opportunity to own a modern hypercar. The danger lies when those drivers push their Aventador (SV)'s on a track. You see, the Aventador SV is just good enough to be pushed on a track but if pushed just outside its envelope it could prove dangerous for its driver. The car gives you just enough confidence to push it hard enough on a track that's likely to fool you into thinking that it is capable of being pushed further and if you do, the car will simply fail you in some critical corner. A professional driver might find the Aventador a car that hampered their lap times although the average drivers would probably find these cars 'fun' and fast.

That being said, the Aventador SV is still a good-looking hypercar and with a price tag of 'just' shy of 500,000 USD, is way cheaper than its counterparts. A McLaren P1, for example, would set one back 1.15 million USD (assuming you can still buy one). On a side note, yes, the Aventador SV did manage a terrific lap time on the Nurburgring but I think you have to give most of the credit to its driver. Given a McLaren P1, just for an example, that driver would probably manage an even better lap time.

Having said all that, if I had 20 million I would probably set aside 500,000 for an Aventador SV simply because it's the very definition of a bedroom poster dream car and considering its counterparts, a definite bargain! Sure, it may lack proper racing refinement for a hypercar but you can't beat that price tag and it will only increase in value with time. A hypercar will not get any cheaper than this.

Part of that fun is, of course, crushing all less powerful and ubiquitous supercars on the track or in drag races (think Ferrari 458, Ferrari 488 GTB, Lamborghini Huracan, Gallardo, Nissan GT-R Nismo, Porsches, etc). That is as long as you take neither yourself nor the car too seriously on any given track. As long as you do that, this car won't probably kill you. However, how long can you keep a level head with that 740 HP V12 engine purring and roaring behind you?! It's a dangerous car to let yourself be carried away with.

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Cannot comment on driving the real Aventador, but it is one of my preferred cars in AC, and I just come in here to support the claims on how unbelievably good the driving experience in Assetto Corsa is. The simulation may be a bit rough around the edges: the presentation is not optimal, the race events are lacking life, the AI currently has some issues again and some sounds are bad while most are okay and some are good. But at the core of it sits the drivign experience and the pohysics, the handling, the way it feels, and how it calles the physics of reality into simulated life, and here is where Assetto Corsa is not one amongst others, but the current king on the hill.

The porojection of power by the nAvenbtador can only be described as "raw". Elegant, handable, yes, dont get me wrong. But its raw, brutal force when you kick the pedal. Unbelievable. You feel it even in this sim. You kick the pedal and your mind delays thinking by one second or so. Thats how long it takes until your thoughts catch up again with where your car is. And thehn the braking. Like Bunjee-jumping and the rubber at almost maximum stretch and your face just a meter away from the ground - what you then think, you may think here. With said 1 second delay. :D

The physics guru of Kunos driving the real Aventador, and comparing it with the sim's version (he holds some racing license in reality, thats why they often allow him to drive the real things). The similiarty is stunning.


"No espresso for a month for me, I'm done." :D

For best race presentation and atmosphere and the benchmark sounds in the genre, go Raceroom Racing. Its he most underestimated racing sim on market currently, with superb track pool available. The business model is not everybody's liking, however. Still, taken for itself this also is a superb package.

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