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Two procedure questions, M901 and Bradley/Leo1A5


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1. How do you get a self-crewed (as in you are the gunner) M901 to reload after the two missiles in the launcher are fired?


2. How do you abort a main gun reload, for example in the Bradley or Leo1A5, to continue fighting? (I mean when replenishing the ready rack from ammo stored onboard, not from a truck.)

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1. You can reload the launcher using the same procedures as you would with any other vehicle.  Utilize the unit marker on the bottom right of your screen to reload BGM-701 TOW missiles.  You can also use your "reload all" keyboard shortcut.


2. Almost all vehicles will abort a reload if you order them to move.  You may also use the unit marker on the bottom right of the screen to "Stop Reloading"

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