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Visual Modification (VISMOD THREAD)


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I am posting this as I believe there are several of us that are starting to dabble in this dark art. So for the first post I am looking to get the Leopard AS1 closer to the original Leopard 1A3. The rear turret basket is a bit of a mystery and is a separate texture that I have not been able to locate. Anyone know what texture it is?







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Thanks base! Still working out some ghost shadows from shapes removed and the basket on the turret top that protected a wind sensor is cross mapped with hand grabs so it may have to stay. Dejawolf is helping me out and I am bugging him about kit bashing a real 1A3/4. I love my M1's, M60A3 and the 1A3/4 is number three on my list of fav Cold War tanks. Bundeswer has some neat gear.

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MAN SX45 with cargo offloaded.




I actually did this just to get a better look at parts of the model for skinning, but it would be kind of neat if the truck had an in-game offloading animation, kind of like the bridgelayers. Check some YouTube vids for what I mean. No real tactical benefit though, I suppose. Just some cool factor.


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Well for the CSS fans out there you could manage your trucks so you send say one without a pallet to pickup an empty pallet. or drop off a full pallet and collect an empty one.


Is the pallet "hidden" or removed? Just wondering if a vehicle that looks like it has dropped its pallet is hit where the pallet should be - does the round hit the truck or go through the "empty" space?

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The box that represents the cargo is merely 'hidden.' It's purely visual, and only on the modder's front-end. The AI and/or other live players without the mod still see the cargo. And whether you can see it or not, a round in the area of the hidden cargo will still register a hit.


Sort of a Kingon cloaking device with none of the benefit.


The model's pretty old now. Maybe if there is actually some training benefit from a CSS standpoint, the offloading/loading process could be animated when/if it's overhauled.


Overhauled. Get it? Truck pun.

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Ah got it, so just because the player with the mod can't see the pallet, others can. :)


I guess in the case of both the Blue player and the Red player loading the mod, both couldn't see it but the AI still could.


So you still need to have the whole truck in cover, not just the cab. :)

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It's an alpha channel thing, not a color. Check the discussion earlier in this thread and in the one about the Challenger II's skirts.


and this thread ...



The SX45 is interesting in that the truck and its cargo are separate stand-alone models with separate, stand-alone skins. So making the cargo box invisible doesn't also rob you of parts of the truck model. It's also older, with no normal or specular maps to complicate things. (They leave shadows and ghosting).


All I did here is make two copies of one of the blank decal files from the tis folder, rename them as man_sx_cargo, and place one in the mod/textures/woodland folder (outside of the nation folders) and the other inside the de folder. That extra one outside the nation folders is the key. Without it you'll just have a black box.


The result, if done right, is that trucks of other nations are unaffected but the de trucks will have no apparent cargo. Of course that means every German SX45 appears cargo-less -- and only to the player who has done the mod.

So it's not very practical for anything but screenshots, really.


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there is something which continues to draw outline of parts- both in the day and thermal textures. i've erased the fording tube on the t-55 and the effect is that the program will still draw outlines of it, but which phase in and out when viewed from different angles and distances. one of the weird effects that when viewed from the side, not only is the tube gone, but a small section of the turret becomes completely transparent, you can see through the turret from one side through the other. this weird affect changes if you move closer or away from the tank. it was the same thing with external stowage for soviet vehicles, when i converted the entire file with all the stowage textures to a transparent alpha texture, the program still draws bits and pieces of outlines. it seems you have to put up with these artifacts still showing up or give up on modifying like this.

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On 11/14/2016 at 12:44 AM, Captain_Colossus said:

CR2 without skirt.






I would like to get rid of the dust mitigation skirt as well - can you tell me how you did it? Is it a particular color that you have to be using for the texture that gets displayed transparent afterwards?

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