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Weird corruption artifacts on screen


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Me and my friend recently started seeing weird corruption artifacts in SB, after updating to the latest patch. The issue is quite rare (two or three times over maybe ten hours played, each time lasting no more than a minute), but still highly annoying when it does happen. The artifacts seem to be stable on your screen, they stay the same over time until you move your camera, at which point they change into new random patterns, or eventually disappear. It's likely related to having a GTX 1080, as we were the only ones experiencing these issues in our group, and we're the only ones with 1080's. Resolution is probably not the cause, as I have a 4k screen, while my friend has a 1080p one and we both witnessed similar artifacts. We're also both running the game on Windows 10.


It kind of looks like something is left uninitialized on the screen, at least it looks similar to bugs I've experienced when I've ended up with screen buffers that read uninitialized garbage data. It also looks like it happens before the post-processing pass, as you can see the artifacts causing bloom on the screenshot. Hopefully this helps you track down the issue. Screenshot of the artifacts that I grabbed when playing is attached below.





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