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Russian Tank and Motor Rifle Structures


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Does anyone have any decent (upto date) links for the structures of the Russian Tank and Motor Rifle Bdes?  Is the structure still Division Regiment Bde or have they dropped the Regiment level?


I am looking for this for scenario design based on units from the Western Military District.  Any help greatly appreciated.


Equally trying to get my head around the Battalion Tactical Group.  I am assuming this based on 3 - 4 subunits with support arms Taskorganised...



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The battalion tactical group is also covered in an article in one of the recent editions of ARMOR magazine. I'll find it and post a link when I'm back at my desk.


Here's the link: http://www.benning.army.mil/armor/earmor/content/issues/2016/JUL_SEp/3Fox-Russia16.pdf


The BTG composition is covered bottom of page two and start of page three:  "...BTGs commonly consist of a tank company, three mechanized-infantry companies, two anti-tank companies, two artillery batteries and two air-defense batteries."

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9 minutes ago, Kingtiger said:

Could you please be so kind and email it to me as well panzer?


kingtiger45 at msn.com




Here's a link to the PDF via Dropbox for you and anyone else interested: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/71686353/Russian Hybrid Warfare and the Re-emergence of Conventional Armored Warfare%3b Implications for the U.S. Army%27s Armored Force_Fox%2c A_ARMOR_JUL-SEP16.pdf


Hopefully that works if the link to the original doesn't. I'm happy to email it if you can't access it via Dropbox either.



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PL got it and thanks.


Have to say that I am trying to work out the mechanics of defensive ops over a 40km frontage.  This would have to be a very complex mobile defense with c/attacks on specific areas of vital ground and key terrain - unless this should be for the MR bde as opposed to a BnTG...


More research required.

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