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Dismounting troops from helos

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Figured it out. 


1.Create an "embark if" routing using specific unit identification of the infantry squads.  

2. Be sure you have the helo set to "Stay" at it's landing bracket,  don't leave tactic as "none."

3.  Have the helo ALSO set to embark based on it's unit identification. 



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That may not have survived the transition to the new forum.


The quoted link to the article or bundle do work though. Dud link removed.


Possibility of it being revised and re-published as a 4.010 version post Christmas.

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1 hour ago, cobrabase said:

Or you can do my steps. ; D


Yes but your option means the helicopter arrives "loaded" (i.e. the application is tracking multiple units - the helicopter plus passengers). This may be important in terms of units in the mission (just like a APC with passengers = three units, not one).


If you spawn them on the LZ that keeps the density down as units are "created" as required.


Probably not an issue for most sized scenarios but could be if you had a larger one.

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