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Child Civilians are missing.


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We considered the potential for abuse and the resulting internet shit storm as being just too big; it wasn't a question of If, just When. Children in an armed conflict, it doesn't get any darker than that. It certainly is an important thing for serious training, but as far as the Personal Edition is concerned we changed our product policy.

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I understand the desire to have child or juvenile civilians...


This could be either to have them included as unarmed bystanders who run and hide when the fighting starts, or sometimes get in the way and require the player to make agonizing choices when his safety and the safety of the civilians cannot be guaranteed at the same time.


This could mean to have them as armed combatants...Child and teenage soldiers...


However I'll side with Ssnake on this one.  Imagine what would happen if a video surfaced on YouTube showing an Abrams, Leopard, or CV90 mowing down a crowd of children like a scythe chopping wheat.  You and I might look at the video and say "They were carrying anti-tank weapons, they had to be stopped", but someone else will start screaming bloody murder about how Pro PE is "simulating the mass murder of innocent children!"


"But wait, they had anti-tank rockets."


"...With anti-tank rocket--"

"Won't somebody PLEASE think of THE CHILDREN!"


An important thing to remember is that sometimes the argument has nothing at all to do with facts, and everything to do with appearances and feelings.  Yes, appearances and feelings are bulls**t, but we live in a world where cold hard facts don't matter as much anymore.

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