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Kanium 15th Jan. 2017


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Greetings Gentlemen,

This thread will be filled with info/manning for the 15jan17 game. 
I usualy try to do something new, and I hope you'll enjoy.

We played as US/Brits/germans/danes/russians etc etc....I thought: Lets try India :-)
So, pick up the blue helmets and fly to africa.
The mission will be roughly designed around the events of Operation Khukri*, scaled to a playable version for the expected player count.  *(actions of the indian QRF with parts of the 14th MechInf BN)
See wiki article here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Khukri

Equipment for blue:
T-72B1 (T-72 Ajeva substitute)
BTR-50 (engineer paltoon)
+some BRDM and MRAP type vehicles

More info and manning list will follow.





Backround is a UN Peacekeeping mission in an African country. The UN mission is there to monitor and enforce a peace deal between the goverment and major rebel factions.

INDBAT (Indian-Battalion) of is deployed as part of this force, and consists of Rifle(5/( Gurkhas) units as well a Mechnized element (14th MechInf BN) as a QRF(quick reaction force)


Lately tensions have been increasing, and the Rebels no longer see the UN as a neutral force. On several places they ahve taken action against the blue helmets, but INDBAT have not been informed.

As a consequence, a detachment of 5/8 Gurkhas has been surrounded and besieged in there Base near Kevu village. Negotiations on a peaceful solution with the rebels failed, so the Indians decided to take robust action IOT releave 

their cut of unit. The QRF is trying to link up with 5/8, while they a making a breakout attempt from KEVU-base.


Several Rebel "brigades" equiped with heavy weapons (Technicals, and some(few) APC, T-55 tanks have been reported) are operating in the area. J2 estimated at least 200-300 enemy fighters in the area.


In preperation,Helicopter-gunships attacked rebel positions on route to DORU and an airborne operation secured the only passable bridge a the town of DORU. The town if secured but fighting continues in the western parts of it.

The rebels have set up the bridge for demolition, and EOD specialists are need to open the bridge. Rebel activity around the town have made more airdrops impossible.



-advance along the black route

-establish contact with commando units in DORU

-open the black route to ensure FOM of own units

-open the bridge at DORU

-link up with 5/8 near KEVU-village

-secure the retreat of own units back to the staging area


Note:- Heavy rainfalls have softened the ground, movement is adviced only on route black and close to it

        -enemy is making heavy use of IED/roadside bombs...all obstacles must be suspected of beeing reeforced with explosives



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Manning List.

A Human Drone pilot and a human Mortar plt leader would be very important for this scenario!

I would also need 2 players to join me in organizing the Rebels and non players parts of the blue forces.



QRF unit(B-company)


CoB: Mirzayev


1/B Tank-platoon (T-72B1 2012)

1 pltleader: Gunslinger 668

4 section leader: Connaugh

2 wingman: CavGunner

3 wingman: Speckfire


2/B MechInf (BMP-2)

1 pltleader: 2pies

4 section leader: Wiglif

2 wingman: Sjr62

3 wingman:...


3/B MechInf (BMP-2)

1 pltleader: dlad

4 section leader: Roerback

2 wingman:  Abbadon

3 wingman:...


4/B Engineer plt (2xBTR-50(12,7mm MG), MT-55, ARV )

1 pltleader: Chrisreb

4 section leader: FLEXCopMNPD

2 wingman:...

3 wingman:...


5/B Mortar plt (1xM113 FO, 3x M1064)

FO/plt leader: Swordsman


6/B: Medic/CSS


1/H: Drone (UAV) : Zaphod



Org. Team

Rebels: Grenny, Major Duck, Apocalypse31

5/8 Gurkhas and Helicopters: Duke


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Sure I could try drone , have practiced a little bit with the portable one in the scenario and a bit with the uav .... will need a bit of practice

.... PS do like Duck and just throw us in where you want ... I usually don't push to talk when I am swearing :D

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1 hour ago, chrisreb said:

As drone taken (not that I knew how to use it) if you need me in engineers say or anywhere. Assume engineers is recovery and minefield breaching?

All kinds of engineer work...breaching/bridging obstacles...searching/securing IED. And of course self defence etc etc...

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