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CR2 Skirt


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Managed to remove skirt from CR2 Seems ok but sometimes at certain angles can see a slight light line, nothing terrible just wondered if any of you skilled modders know of a correction, guess can live with it really, or mabye  im being too picky here.....





Can see slight line here in the distance, closer is fine though.



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Great mod!

The anti-dust skirts look sooo out of place in the ETO. And go ahead, be picky... its what makes SB good.

Now when will we have an interior to match the M1s and Leos? Anyone?

Keep up the good work. Look forward to getting the download when you are happy with it.

cheers, Trackpin


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Wanted a CR2 without the skirt and not so shiny as stock, would love an interior for her but not expecting it to happen any time soon, but would be cool, have had trouble with the PS file from download section not that easy just to get a blank canvas to work with, so nothing too flashy just a simple skin with added optics, Chally needs some love me thinks...






Stiil a WIP but getting there i hope



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Noticed even with optics dulled at certain angles depending on where the light shines from they can be in ya face a bit, but seem a bit better now. Have had lots of problems with shine from mud guards if anyone knows how to remove shine then pray tell, took em off to see how she looks, but guess will put em back and live with stock version.



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Right skirt removed, mud guard cut back colour refined and optics done, a pretty small mod really but i like CR2 without the skirt and less markings, myself and a few friends will be using this mod over the weekend in a mission, we just wanted something a bit different to the stock version, if anyone is interested in a copy let me know, cheers....





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