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Challenger 2 Pack WIP


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I am putting together an Challenger 2 Pack, am open to suggestions and any preferences people may have. I have learnt much lately in skinning and have a bit of spare time to get on with it now. Will be atm Desert, Woodland and Batus versions, nothing too special but just a bit more choice and updated optics and colours on all models. PS if any one knows how to use the Decals DDS file then please tell me how i could change this to show my own side numbers on the main body of the tank. I feel any help would benefit greatly after all any community is for the greater good of all, and this has proven to be a very helpful place to come and learn, so onwards and upwards will keep posted with any updates etc., Happy hunting. I have done quite a bit lately, just keeping busy and my mind occupied, with something i enjoy doing, then a mission or two with a few friends over the weekends, blame them for all these posts lol. Also (not a sob story honest) since my little dog died a few days back ive kept myself busy, you get attached to them, sure some will understand, anyways here's some WIP shots...















All with and without Skirt and reduced front mud guards.

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Our pets. They get close as family, sometimes closer. My sympathies.


If you find time and inclination to breath a little Photoshop magic over the Chieftain and Cent 5/2, that would be nice too.

Given just how many countries bought the Cent that alone could provide an appropriate model for some obscure battles

eg India/Pakistan '65, '71, and  Iran/Iraq (also Chieftain) '80-'88.


Good work and thank you.



eSim. Please , please finish the Chally interior textures!

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We lost our Lab last year we had him since he was 6 weeks until 15.


It certainly left a whole for us and his sister (who kept looking for him around the house). We have bought a 4yr old RSPCA rescue dog so she has company now.


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Cheers fellas, certainly look at the Chieftain and Cent later on.Trackpin good idea on other countries skins on them.  Gibson Yeh my other Jack Russel is lost right now, had me other little mate 13yrs. Will keep you all posted on any updates with pack, variety is the spice and all that. Cheers guys.

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It's always sad when a beloved pet passes away. We always have a pair and a spare (as the oldest ages).


The oldest went a few months ago. Having the pair left made it easier on his mates.


Our youngest is a rescue and it appears they lied about his age, he has taken so long to calm down. And we have no idea where he gets his absolute hatred of the postman from!

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