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Tank platoon rank structure

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In 4.010 the platoon leader is the 11 element and the 14 tank is the Platoon Sgt's tank..In 4,010 you have the platoon sgt as the 12 tank..Can this be corrected??



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Maybe the scenario you are using has a special call sign template applied?


I just created a 4 vehicle Platoon from scratch in 4.010:




I divide it once I get two pairs:


1/1/A and 4/1/A


1/1/A consists of 1/1/A and 2/1/A


4/1/A consists of 4/1/A and 3/1/A


I thought that was correct for the US?


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I think Kanium uses a 11, 12, 13, 14 structure for their manning charts for clarity, and perhaps they have applied that as a template (I don't know this for certain).


I suspect novice / non US players might be confused by the fourth name on the list being the second in charge.

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we have Mark in most of our games as we have 6-7 people that makes scen 

we tried to use different nationalities orig callsigns but that got people confused as we changed every time we played and some of them are quiet confusing especially the scandinavian ones (SE and DK)  


We use 


11 for Plt CO

12 as his wingman

14 as PLt SG

13 as his wingman


and with the 2 leaders in the middle of every formation unless its AI then the plt co is always on the flank and in front


and use 66 as overall CO and 65 as XO or 2IC and P1 or F8 as the FO normally


If we have more then 1 coy the we have H66 and H65 as our BTN/BG CO/XO team

and each coy have a 66 and 65 on their radionet


we use

H for HQ units


P for Arty

E for Engineer

I for Inf

sometimes T for Tanks


A/B/C/D for BTN coys


but with so many guys doing scen its not always that way as we are also many different nationalities and each preferre their own and we also have both NATO and non NATO people

We also sometimes try out scen made by other VUs


And delta6 pm Swordsmandk he is a wiz with the callsign templates







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Its also not as simple as rank its also function inside the PLT as well


where the TC in most countries are a SG or LT the lower ranks can have different jobs.


Fx the xo of the Tank in the US is the Gunner in the British army its the Loader


also the swedish army have or is going or considering to go from 4 to 3 tanks as a cost saving measure not because its the best way of tanking but as a way of bolstering their number of Tank squadrons.


Whereas the danish army started using 4 tanks in their squadrons just 4-5 years ago they only had 3 in each PLT and 10 in a SQN/COY where a lot of other countrys use 4 in plt and 14 in the Coy until then



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Things have definitely changed over the years.  During my service in the US Army (1989-1992), the vehicles were designated as such:
16, platoon leader

15, platoon sergeant

11, wing man

12, wing man

13, dismount squad leader

14, dismount squad leader


Our platoon CO's (LT) NEVER dismounted with the grunts unless something was up and never during combat.  Wasn't always that way.  But this was SOP with the 24th Infantry Division back in those days.  I heard that stateside Army was far different from overseas Army.

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