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Scenario download placement

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That depends on your OS on your PC and how you have set it up.


If you like me have windows 10 then the easy mode is to open the start menu / Esim Games / Shared scenario folder / ssUf33T.png

Then if you put it in either Multi or single.


Then when you want to start the scenario you pick the scenario option from either offline or multiplayer  and go into the folder you put it in.


If you have a older OS you go into "your user" / Documents / esim games / Steelbeast/ My scenarios/ downloads and save the scenario there


and then again open either offline or multiplayer then chose /my scenarios /downloads then pick the name


If you are using windows 10 and are using one drive it gets a little more complicated but i assume you don't do that as most users don't.  


Hope this helps:


Best regards



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3 hours ago, Tankriver658 said:

When I download a scenario, where do I put the file, i  tried putting it into the scenario folder under single but it doesn't appear in the game, where do i put it?


Well pretty sure I answered your same post on discord, but for Win 7:


C:\Users\mark\Documents\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\My Scenarios


Where "mark" is whatever your user name is.


Within "My Scenarios" you can create numerous sub directories as required.


For me that means:




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I have Windows 10 and the game created the C:\Users\mark\Documents\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\My Scenarios folder anyway... And my name actually is Mark!

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