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Problem with re-binding ammo1, ammo2 etc keys.

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I ran into a key binding issue today. 

I have rebound my keys for selecting ammo1-ammo4 to the keys 1-4 (normal not numpad). 

This works great while I am controlling the luchs or marder vehicles, but when I get into a leopard type tank this stops working. 

I have removed the keys 1-4 from any other control visible in the screen where you change your controls, still this does not work. If I bind the ammo1-ammo4 back to their default keys again it works.


What am I doing wrong here? 

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Just a guess here. From which position are you testing? Gunner or Commander?

Remember the gunner in the leopard does not control ammo indexing, so pressing any key from that position would have no effect.

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