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Creating unit template from existing scenario ORBAT

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Hi Folks


Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere but I'm struggling to create my own unit templates from existing scenario ORBATs.  For example, I've finally found a map that allows me to recreate an engagement between U.S. Blue and British Orange forces during REFORGER 1987 Certain Strike south-west of SOLTAU that I've been wanting to do for ages.  I have two existing scenarios that have ~90% of both the U.S. and British organisations I need for this head-to-head but am struggling to create unit templates from them that would allow me to drop them straight into the new scenario, reducing total work by ~50%.  I found instructions from @Ssnake somewhere, associated with the 4.0 release, but following them didn't work (quite possibly due to "operator error").  Is there someone smarter than me who can provide simple step-by-step instructions for me to follow to create a unit template from units in an existing scenario, if possible?


Many thanks    

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Panzer Leader,


Perhaps I can help:


1. Open the file in the Mission Editor.


2. Select the units you want in the Template.


3. Right click on selection - select "Save to Template".


4. Give it a useful name. E.g. "AS Tk Sqn 1980 Leo 1"


5. Save to location these are all stored in "C:\Users\username\Documents\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\My Unit Templates"


The default folders are stored here: C:\ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\Unit Templates


6. I've put folders in there for AS, NZ, etc. so they don't get mixed up.


I intend to send you guys the OPFOR ORBATs I have from Rolling Thunder / Trg Scenarios so we have a standard RED outfit. Same same the AS Rifle coy, AS Mech Rifle Coy, AS Recon Sqn (tracked), AS Cav Sqn (ASLAV), etc.


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Thanks for the prompt responses guys.  It still only works intermittently for me but what I think I was doing wrong is that the units I selected had tactics set.  To 'Save To Template' you may need to have Tactics set to 'None'.  Either way, I've now saved the units I wanted as templates.  This feature will save me a lot of time in future; thanks!



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