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SB1 multiplayer

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I'v been wondering lately if theres even a server for SB1 so can you still play SB1 online? and if so at 8:30 PM eastern US I'll be hosting my newest game and if no one enters by 9:30 PM I'll host one at a better time tomoro so please reply a better time for you.

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Yea My friend was playing as "red" so "red" was holding a hill top with a large group of Russian tanks and IFVs for 48:49 I sent my task force of 2 hummers, 4 bradlys, 1 FISTV, and 1 M1 with full arty it took me a long time to get there but as I was comeing over a hill for my assalt the hummers got to the bottom of the hill and died my M1 rounded the hill before his and got knocked out along with 3 bradlys with my last brad I hid in the woodsand bombarded him until he had 1 T-80 left w/o Hydrolics so I tryed to kill him with the 25mm but that didn't work them I ran over the FASCAM I laid down so I ended up calling ICM like 25ft. awayand winning. YAY!!!

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