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steel beasts pro enemy contact bugs ai


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Check the fire control settings on all units. If you gave them a scout order, they will not fire at will. 


Also, posting the scenario might help for purposes of figuring out the question, since it could be one of a number of things. 

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Right click on the unit, and select fire control status. It should give you options for max engagement ranges, fire at will, return fire, or hold fire.


Also, posting that scenario will help a lot in figuring out the problem. It could be something else not related to the fire control status.

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OK so I found a bit of time.


First its a bit "busy":




The reason for the Grey icons is because you have changed Blue's colour.


Given the map name I'm guessing you are trying to replicate the Germans (in M1A1(HA) and M2A2) vs the Allies as Red in T-55 and BTR70?


I'm unsure if changing the colour should make any difference (never tried it) so perhaps put Blue back to Blue as a first step and see how you go.


Certainly you do have:


- the right fire control settings

- the right type of route (engage)

- ammunition in the vehicles

- the right status (no one is blind, etc.)


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If you are trying to replicate WW-2 Tank warfare playable Tanks.

I would recommend the leo-1A5 for the panther the Leo-2 for  the tiger 1 Disable the thermals ballistic computer use the lowest rated Ammo,.

If you want to replicate a tank destroyer use the AMX-13 disable the turret drive,

For the allies i would use the AS1 as a sherman E8, the T-55 as the T35/85 you could use the PT-76 as a SU-85.

I cant help with your other issue but i agree with Gibsonm you may have to many unit on the map you will need a very high spec machine to run that many units.


You have more options if your opfor does not need to be playable.


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27 minutes ago, caccioro said:

No worries .


I have spent many an hour and conducted many a test to see which vehicles

Are most suitable to replicate WW-2 armour types.
happy to share my findings
With any  fellow Armour enthusiast.
Good luck sorting the mission. 
Sorry I explained myself badly


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1 hour ago, caccioro said:

I tried blue and red but the same problem I do not know if a scenario problem or something I did that I did something wrong .... try other scenarios. . I apologize for my bad English translation use .. thank you


I believe what happened is that, by changing blues color, you inadvertently changed the relationship between blue and red.


I fixed it doing the following:  Open the "Choose Party" dropdown menu and pick "Configure."  Select "Blue," then select "Enemy."  Click OK.

Ref 1.jpg

Ref 2.jpg

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So, I gave your scenario a test run. My units did engage the enemy, however, I did notice some issues with the AI not engaging targets close to them, as well as bugs I have never seen before. You can't tell from just the screen shot, but the turret from the destroyed tank in the middle of the screen was spinning in circles like crazy. 


Honestly, I think it is due to the number of units you have placed in the scenario. My FPS plummeted to the single digits with this scenario, and my PC is certainly not lacking in power by any means. Try it with less units (70+ Platoons is overkill), decreasing the overall visibility range, or both. 


I played the same scenario, but reduced the number to 12 Tank Platoons per side. They started shooting each other as expected. So yeah, try reducing the number of units to something a little more manageable. 


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42 minutes ago, caccioro said:

I liked to play with so many units with steel beasts pro 3.0 i came to 100 units per part and it was fine


Maybe it worked in 3.0, but deleting the number of units seemed to solve the issue you were having. Try it for yourself. 

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