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a short S.B. story.


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two and a half months ago i did not know Steel Beasts pro pe existed.


I have been playing on console for over 15 years. First person shooters, role playing games, real time strategy etc,etc. Last time i had a desktop p.c. i was playing medal of honor:allied assault.

3 months ago i bought myself a nice ,second hand laptop for administration purposes. One evening i thought to myself that i would like to play a R.T.S. in a realistic setting so i searched the internet and found Combat Mission: Shock Force. Searching on YouTube i found some videos from Matsimus.


Scrolling through his playlists  i saw Steel Beasts videos and watched a few of them. This was interesting, this was new (for me :wink2:).

Looking for more S.B. videos i found several other player videos and thats when i had my 'eureka' moment. The tanks and other vehicles, the 3d environment, the map, all the possibilities, THIS is what i want to play, THIS is what i am going to play. But there were a few problems.


First problem: a quick look on the internet told me i couldn't buy this game in the country where i live (the Netherlands) as far as i could tell. Second problem was that i do not have and do not want a credit card. My search led me to Okaysoft.de(Germany). I mailed them and 10 days later i had the dongle ( or codemeter or whatever) in my hands. Super service on their part ( much thnx Okaysoft.de:smile2:).


Next came the P.C. Reading the S.B forum and the system requirements i knew that just some P.C wouldn't do. I do not have the budget for a high end computer but i think i have found a set up that can run Steel beasts  albeit not in the highest settings. (i hope i'm not wrong, time will tell).


short story shorter, tomorrow i am getting my new desktop pc. Hoping the S.B. installation will go without a problem i will begin my training and 'start puttin' warheads into foreheads;).

Thanks for reading and to all the players uploading videos on YouTube, please keep it going, i love watching them and learning a lot from them.









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Welcome to the club.

My gaming machine is fuxxed so i am currently running SB on a old lap top running intergrated graphic it not running well but still running.

How come you could not order the sim in the Netherlands.

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Well, the company that bought up our original payment verification service provider a few years ago doesn't seem to offer a package for our web shop other than what we have. Which is totally frugal, of course. Their only alternative on the other hand goes totally overboard. They simply refuse to add just one or two more options (like, one of the most popular alternative payment methods which, ironically, belongs to the same company).


Their idea of a solution seems to be that we throw away the web shop that works, and replace it with something that won't work, just so we can accept more and different payment options (and pay higher fees to them, of course). But what good does that, if it breaks the delivery of licenses.

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Hmm. Debit card and credit card are largely interchangeable here (apart from some details of consumer protection (higher on credit cards), with debit cards also being considered equivalent to cash with no surcharges permitted). I've always made payments on the Esim store for upgrades using my debit card with no issues.


Most are even provided for the banks by the same companies as those common for credit cards (here Visa and Mastercard, with debit cards also being considered equivalent to cash with no surcharges permitted). A few credit cards, such as American Express have much higher transaction fees and are not accepted by many retailers.

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I too have been watching SB on youtube for the last 2 yrs & until 2 weeks ago only dreamed. What held me back you ask?. The payment options in the esim store. I only recently got a debit card which allowed me to stop dreaming & if paypal had of been an option I would have been sharing everyone's wonderful company a whole lot sooner. Happy hunting all.


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