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Falling AFVs


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Recently in some multiplayer sessions, I have noticed some AFVs with some... shall we say... experimental technology. To put it simply, some crews have taken it upon themselves to test a series of jetpacks capable of lifting AFVs off the ground for short periods of time. 



The first example can be seen at 0:02. I assumed this was just a strange one-time occurrence, until it happened to me.



In this case, I accidentally hit the Alt and W key, triggering windowed mode. After a brief period of Steel Beasts adapting to the changes, it seemed that my crew had decided to test their own prototype in the absence of my supervision. 


My assumption is that this is related to network desync, as it only appears in Network Sessions. However, I decided to do one more test. I created a network session with myself as the host. No one else had joined. As soon as the game started, I immediately hit Alt and W. This was the result:



It is worth mentioning that these were three different scenarios, from two different viewpoints. If there is any input that I can provide to prevent these spontaneous tests of experimental technology, please let me know what you need. :)

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7 hours ago, Volcano said:

Not much we can do unless you can manage to create a test scenario that demonstrates it reliably. It could be a client to host network connection issue, though. 


20170503 _OP_Time_Out_Gamefile.sce


This is the scenario that the second incident occurred on. Run it as a network session, and then switch to windowed mode with Alt and W. I was able to repeat this as the host with no one else connected. This doesn't happen in a normal offline session, just in network. 

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OK, thanks, this has been observed internally as well. It is safe to say that ALT+W will cause the user to become unresponsive for a long period of time in this scenario, and when it returns, you get the odd behavior. The workaround for the moment is to ALT+W before you enter the Execution Phase.



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