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Controls for Civilians

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What sort of controls have mission designers used for creating realistic civilian pattern of life (PoL).  This is something we struggle with at work (using a different system) but interested to know what people have done within SB.


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Create a few civilians, somewhere.

Create two regions, let's call them "region S" and "region D".

Right-click region S and make it a spawn zone by selecting

  • "prototype unit(s)" from the callsigns that are already on the map
  • the pool size (number of copies of the prototype units)
  • the spawn rate
  • the start and end condition for the spawn
  • the movement mode (defaults to move on roads)
  • the drain zone(s), which would be "region D" to create a one-directional stream of traffic, and/or region S again to add some random movement within region S

What will then happen is that on the start condition, and from then on in (random) intervals, "pool actors" will be generated. They will then pick a random location within the drain zone, and attempt to reach it. Once that they have arrived they disappear and get returned to the actor pool. If they get killed while trying, well, they don't, and the actor pool shrinks.


Obviously, the smaller each region is, the more deterministic are spwn locations and the movement paths.

With small regions and a high spawn rate you create an "ant trail". With large regions and low spawn rates it will be more like sparse random traffic.

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