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INF Missile Team AI will not Fire Missiles

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See subject. WTF.


I set up both dragon and TOW missile teams on a hill overlooking a valley up which were coming tanks. Just 4 tanks - in line.


Each Inf missile team was set to defend and the search  area arc dot was an open circle and stayed open all the way back to each of the missile teams. The tanks passed right thru the open dots. NADA. Those guys just sat there with their thumbs up where the sun don't shine and let them selves be blown away with tank HE and Coax fire. I could take control and fire but as soon as I went to map they lost their brains - almost like they went to sleep. I thought maybe my taking control turned 'em off so I reloaded the test scenario and stayed on map. Set fire lines to show but still nada. No fire.


Mucho frustration ensued. No matter what I tinkered with the dang missile teams wouldn't fire. I had to have set something up wrong. I'm thinking at 1800m maybe the tanks were out of range of the super dragon team had but they definitely weren't out of range of the TOW's. Then when all but one squad armed with just AT-4 RPG's was all of the grunts left I backed 'em off so the tanks couldn't see them. Since I was in test mode I assumed command of the RED force and plotted the tanks right into the woods which they happily plowed right into (stupid fuckers thought I). Then I plotted the RPG totin' grunts on an assault path straight to the tanks and not a single RPG was fired - not one - and those stupid grunts got exactly what they deserved while the tankers <snarky comment about SB Inf AI follows> laughed, patted each other on the backs and said, "lucky for us we're in the Steel Beasts parallel universe or we'd be baked meat in these steel coffins by now").


What the heck does one have to do to get grunts to engage tanks with their AT weapons? What? I must be missing something or doing somethin' wrong but I'll be darned if I know what.




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What tanks were they?. There is a known issue with ATGM troops and perceived armour. If the tanks were Leo 2A5 + or M1A2 it may just be that they do not think they can kill the tanks. Try putting some T-55's in their place if this is the case and see what happens.

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What tanks were they?


They were LEO 1A5's. Didn't know about the perceived armor thing. Makes sense - why waste a missile if it isn't even gonna scratch the paint.


That said: I found the HTML logs for the scenarios (that's a cool feature I had no idea about).


Turns out it was me with his head up his rear. Teams all had Dragon 2's assigned with max range of 1500m. Tanks stopped at 1838m so out of range. 


For some reason I assumed the missile teams for blue had TOW's (they used to - probably a long time ago - not now it seems). What's worse I can't seem to find any man packed TOW's - that system existed when I was in the US Army - 71 to 74 - is it gone now?)


Anyway I'm going to reload the test scenario up and see if I can find a man pack ATM with a bit more punch than a dragon and a lot more range. Don't really want to use a vehicle in this setup as I'm basing the battle on one in the Larry Bond book Cauldron.

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14 hours ago, Rotareneg said:

Yep, right click on missile team, Options > Optional Weapon.


I am aware of that. Except when I select the unit options optional weapon doesn't seem to be one of the options.

I'll look again - maybe I've still got my head up where the sun don't shine.


EDIT to ADD: I think I'll just rent an apartment up there. Found optional weapons (all the way at the bottom of the list) - that worked.



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