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Mugs! Posters! Mousepads! Magnets!

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For all your daily tanking needs, we've decided to put our artists on overtime to design the things that, so far, your wives sorely missed in your homes. Like, tank-themed mugs.


Collect them all!


Well, that may be a bit excessive. But surely you'll find the one that was made for you. ;)

And order one for her, too. She won't know what to say!



You may notice that the poster preview shows a lot of white frame. We've test-ordered the poster artwork, and can assure you that this is an issue of the way how the Cafepress web code enforces all previews to fit a quadratic preview. Likewise, we can't properly show portrait format posters upright, so they all appear tilted to the left or right. Of course you are at liberty to pin the posters upside down - it's your home, after all. but the portrait posters were designed to fit doors, like the entrance to a properly tank themed game room. Or a man cave. Because there's nothing manlier thank tanks.


Magnets: Right now there are only three, but dozens more will follow, ready to provide crucial fire support to your next fridge raid.


The Cafepress mousepads are of the floppy rubber kind. Sadly we cannot provide copies of the world's best mousepads that we so foolishly hand out to strangers at ITEC and on other occasions, but, well, this is what we can do.

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Hey Ssnake: I would like to order either an IFV or an MBT in the shape of a cup. It doesnt have to be ABC proof or amphibious... :P


Also a brilliant idea, but what about T-shirts: better potential for bragging rights ... ? ;)

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My wife will kill me - "What do you need with another brew mug!"


But I'll add it to my existing set of 3 ACR and 1 QDG (I think they came from the same place so likely to be the same size).


Thought: Perhaps offer ones with lids, so you can use them in the class room - not good to tell trainees that they need mugs with lids and then walk around those nice "fluid attracting" computers with one of these.


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This is a very cool idea. I will order some items, maybe the VEC Mug, but I am really missing any stuff for the Pizarro, Centauro or Leopard 2E. 

Any plans to add them in the future?

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We picked the vehicles that had recently received an artwork facelift ... and we had to stop the madness, somewhere.












We're never going to make a profit from what I paid the artists to make these render shots.

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These are great! I just placed an order for the M1, M2, T72, and BMP. The checkout and receipt pages have text that are barely visible so I had to highlight the page in order to see what I was doing. Order placed successfully and I emailed CafePress about the issue.

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49 minutes ago, CalAB said:

Still having the same problem at my end.  No window for security code and the page and 90% of the text is in white.  Bummer.  Are the rest of these fine gents using PayPal?

Yes, anything tank related I have to use PayPal. Did you try highlighting the page to reveal any invisible fields?

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