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M1A2 SEP - assign battle position from CITV?

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It seems from the CITV when you order a battle position it uses your commander's head facing (forward in this case since you're looking at the screen). Shouldn't it assign the direction you're looking in the CITV? It works this way in the F1 view, with or without binoculars, but not the F3 view. 


EDIT: it works to "designate target" first, wait for the turret to swing, then order battle position because the turret moves your head. But if I'm unbuttoned, look to the three o'clock position and order battle position, the driver swings right. TC is obviously stating a direction to face, since the driver can't know where the TC is looking. So why, when looking through the CITV independently from the main gun doesn't the TC assign the direction he's looking?

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Let this serve as a bump; This should probably be in the Support forum ...


Although, as Rangoon observed, there are other ways to get your hull facing a threat, it seems strange to me that the commander's view direction (white dot on the turret clock) rotates with the periscope of tanks so-equipped, but not with the commander's independent thermal sight.


It's possible this was brought up before, but I can't find a post.

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