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Best music for PRE-combat ?


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Dunno why, but these really want me to grab one of my swords and train with some other crazy guy ... HEMA, Viking ... I dont care :D




And THIS makes me look for a peacemaker ... and somebody who insults my donkey ... xD



And this for some reason gives me an unnatural craving for Rum ... and makes me reach for a sword again ...



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18 hours ago, Nike-Ajax said:

WOW ... that Riverside REALLY has a good sound, especially since its at a concert! Its on line with Pink Floyd when they peaked ...


Yes, the guitarist nails David Gilmores tone and technique in this song.


Sword music for a warrior :)





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VERY good stuff ... The Nazareth Album BITCH ...aka hE(a)ir of the  dog (clever little pun there) Is a LEGEND. I literally wore out my copy on LP... twice ...


Personally I prefer this, even though every single number on the album is a classic (Miss Misery is a strong second):



I think it would be good for POST-combat


And on that note another oldie to calm battlenerves



Wait for the ricochet ... 


Or this ... 



Jeff swims with God ...


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With regards to Hair of a Dog, must have been 15 when I got the album, and would just stare at that album cover.  I loved everything about this album, then became a Nazareth fan till date.  Love that broken voice :)


Here´s another of my faves..




Another favorite singer with a broken voice (no, it´s not Joe Cocker :D), but Graham Bonnet...



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