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HPS Point of Attack 2 (v2.5.0.9)

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Nice to see different "points of view" :)


For more in-depth info regarding modeling/simulation used in the TSS series see p.334 of the manual (download in product page above).


- Sandbox Form (Combat calculator) p.483

- Movment p.408

- Turn/pulse p.334


Personally I find this wargame/simulation in a league of it´s own, and as Ssnake stated, "Different designers, different design decisions", to me it´s that simple.  A creator of something will always know it´s flaws, which means nothing is perfect, just different.

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On 8/3/2017 at 8:05 PM, Ssnake said:

Every developer will come to a different solution here

This is why SEVERAL games (Flashpoint Campaigns and JTS Squad Battles, in particular) will never be installed on my hard drive ever again.


Both games were infuriating when it comes to combat resolution.


In particular, the tutorial from JTS Squad Battles had a M1A1 against an Iraqi bunker - where over 10 HEAT rounds had no effect.


No thanks!

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