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Last hours of the GOG summer sale!


You can pick up alot of PC wargames like Combat Mission (game engine 3), Close Combat and GG War in The East and War in The West for example.  For a change in pace, I picked up some good CRPG´s like ATOM RPG: Post-apocalyptic indi game, UnderRail, and Divinity: Original SIn 2 Definitive Edition.  Original Sin is a huge game, and one of the best since the old-school days.  They are also working on the new release of Baldurs Gate III which is great news!


Plenty of cool games to choose from...



Have fun this summer!



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Have been playing "Radio Commander" and have progressed to mid-mission 5 (The Convoy). Really like it. It has its issues but I think of it as features (not-knowing-factor). The well made maps and execution does appeal to me, still room for improvements but it is a game in my taste - no doubt!


Also played around with the editor, but it was not very intuitive (no manual as of yet). Hoping for a great editor in the long run.


[EDIT] Coming back to Radio Commander, it is (at moments) amazing (well, if you - like me - can feel immersed and see the events playing out on the map). You need a bit of history and little imagination, put on some actual radio-chatter from Nam in the background and you're off on a cool journey into the Vietnam djungle. What I see foremost is potential. At this stage it is quite limited with a linear campaign, but the mechanics - connected to the map - seems quite potent.

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