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There was a one hour podcast with the team of Flashpoint about the work in progress (release expected in Q1/Q2 2020), new timeline,  the new IA in the game, the future with maybe a middle east theater.....



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I learned about this one few days ago.






A short video explaining combat



The kickstarter campaign


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Here is my personal electronic bookshelf of games/sims:


Matrix Games:  Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations (Wargame of the Year Edition); Command: Northern Inferno; Command: Desert Storm; Command: Chains of War

Content is very detailed and can be played at tactical, operational or strategic levels of war.


HP Simulations:  Point of Attack 2; Decisive Action

Again, very detailed content


Falcon 4 BMS - Just because I have been quoted as saying "...that I am a fighter pilot trapped in an infantryman's body...."

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Matrix Games/Slitherine have been a mayor deception, for me at least. Expensive games on old engines and/or recanned into a new look (CMO, Panzer Corps 2, Close Combat: Bloody First).  I hope VR Designs will sale his latest game (Shadow Empire) on his own at some point.


PoA-2 is another let down, Scott spent seven years to release it in it´s present state, to find out that it´s quite scripted. It´s more a test bed then anything else, not worth $60 IMHO.


TBH, I rather buy the boardgames. If you like CMANO, check out Blue Water Navy by Compass Games...




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Some news from Task Force Admiral, in 2 weeks a great announcement, it should be the distributor of the game. The trailer for the game seem to be also near to be released.


Here the meeting from the Dauntlesses and the Kido Butai Zero's at Midway.





Others news from the developers of Cold Waters, a new game War on the Sea , a remake of Great Naval Battles 2  and in some point Task Force 1942.


War on the Sea puts you in command of task forces, convoys and submarines as well as tactical use of aircraft to secure the South Pacific during World War II. Heavily inspired by the classic computer games “Great Naval Battles” and “Task Force 1942″, War on the Sea is coming soon to PC and Mac.

1942: The world is at war
The Japanese Empire expands throughout the Pacific where Allied forces attempt to halt its spread. A desperate struggle for control of the Solomon Islands is now underway.

How will you protect your transports as they deliver troops and supplies in the South Pacific? Will you deploy precious aircraft carriers to provide air cover? Do you screen the area with submarines? Or attempt to lure the enemy navy into a decisive surface engagement?









A lot of WW2 and cold war naval games to come in the next year.


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