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6 hours ago, Red2112 said:

Carrier Command 2 release date on the 10th. of this month...




I reaaaaaaaaaally hope it doesn't suck. 


I'm also wondering how feasible it will be to play in Single Player. 


The whole Bridge concept is very tedious for a single player. For example - trying to manage drones, as we as maneuver the ship and manage the ship's systems all simultaneous to fighting an enemy. 


I wish the Commanders Chair offered a way to view and override other positions so that it offered something suitable for single player. 

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My feedback so far on CC2, what I see as a decent start but needs lots of improvements (aka - how did this stuff make it past the playtesters?)


Flight Controls. This is probably the weakest area of the game thusfar. Even worse, is that we can't re-map any of the flight controls. A game like this (heavy on flight - carrier based ops) should allow for some intuitive flying. Instead its hand-mashing WASD and UDLR keys and watching the aircraft sluggishly respond to inputs. I'd recommend adding an option to toggle mouse control for flight, and PLEASE let us re-map the keys.

Commanders Station. There's not much usefulness in the holo-map. I'd like to see the holo map with some functionality for the commander. Planning a route with the ability to plot distance and direction of the ship. It would also be nice if the could monitor the status of each station from the CDRs position, alone - for example, being able to see the status of on board supplies without walking to the logistics station. The Commander should have information at his fingertips.

Plotting Courses. A carrier-based game, so how do I navigate? The only interface that lets me plot a course (distance + direction) so that I can steer the ship is from the drone operators station. Using the drone interface, by dragging a line from the carrier to my destination (it displays distance and direction of the line). It would be really nice if I could do that from the Helm or Commanders station. Even better, if I could enter a bearing at the helm and have the ship just path along that bearing.

Drone Loadouts. Please just let players edit the drone loadouts from the drone control station. I can SEE the loadouts when I select which drone to deploy, but can only edit them by walking over to the logistics station. Seems unnecessary, especially if I have enemy contact that requires a change of loadout on the spot.

Countermeasures. It seems redundant that players have to switch to countermeasures to use them. If a drone is armed with countermeasures then please just add a 'fire countermeasures' button instead of making me go through everything.

Turret Zoom - 30mm Cannon. I can HARDLY make out contacts, let alone engage them accurately with the current 30mm cannon. The only way that I know that I'm hitting something is when I see the green box turn grey. I only recommend this because the AI seems to have laser-like accuracy when they engage me, and can see me at maximum range. Please just add some zoom on the vehicle mounted turrets so we can actually see what's shooting at us.

Day/Night Cycle. The game world gets dark, and the current day/night cycle seems very unbalanced. The best in-game depiction of the day-night cycle is where it's mostly daytime with dark, but somewhat shorter nights. The night wouldn't be so bad if....

Thermal/Night Vision Devices...we could actually operate at night. I don't understand how we have drone-tech but no equipment to operate at night. Somehow the enemy can see me perfectly, but I cannot see anything. This is very much NEEDED!

What Time Is it? I have only found two locations where the time is displayed. On the logistics display, and on the Ship Log. It would be really nice to see a pronounced display of the time. Heck, even the commander has no idea what time it is. It would be nice if it was also displayed on the Holo Map somewhere.

Holding Pattern. There needs to be manual input allowed for the holding pattern. Let ME decided who needs to maintain the pattern, who needs to land, and who needs to takeoff. I've noticed that priority ALWAYS goes to the landing aircraft. This is especially annoying when you're trying to launch and recover very quickly..

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