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Decisive Campaigns: Ardennes Offensive is out although it´s only available via Matrix Games. Yeah, some games are only available through Matrix, that´s the way it goes!  


I gather this particular title will be available through Steam in the near future as other VR Designs games have been in the past.  Great series BTW.




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7 hours ago, Mirzayev said:

Glad to see they got some form of MP working, even if PBEM. 👍


The Harpoon series (Admiralty Trilogy), now in it´s 5th. edition has always been able to be played PBEM. Same with Command at Sea (2nd. edition), and J.D. Websters Fighting Wings Series. All three have there own group at Groups.io were most of the gaming set-up/meets happen. Just for the record.




With some aid tools like SimPlot 2 to make life easier...



A bigger learning curve then CMO if your willing to "dive" in, but the upside is that you have control of most of what´s going on, aside from the dice rolls. Most of this stuff happens under the hood in CMO, which is not a bad thing either, I like them both.


A lot of simulated warfare rule sets can be played PBEM, it just takes time, and effort to learn some rule sets like the ones mentioned above. Among others, you have Fistful of TOW´s for ground combat which seems quite in depth.


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2 hours ago, Galileo said:

For me playing Command in PBEM is a non sense, it should only be in RT.

I understand the sentiment—and I'm of course biased (full disclosure: I'm the author of the PBEM mod for Command)—but it's worth trying it out if you haven't yet. It is somewhat different from the base game in that when you play Command with the PBEM mod, you are not giving orders in real-time—you give orders in distinct phases, and watch your units play them out simultaneously, WEGO-style. It makes the game more about delegation, planning, and command delay as opposed to real-time micromanagement. (Somewhat comparable to a PvP game in the Combat Mission series, if you're familiar.)




I've been working on this framework for almost a year to make sure that it's stable, reasonably easy to use, and fun to play, and it's been great to see the community picking it up and running games with it.


The CMO team is of course planning their own official RT multiplayer, as far as I know, but this PBEM mod will likely remain a different experience from what they have in development.


(But thank you for the link to active Harpoon 5 groups—would love to dip my toe into that at some point as well, time permitting.)

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This unofficial CMO scenario remains the gold standard for ground combat: Defensive Operation, 3rd Regimental Combat Team (3CT) in Nayoro


It proves you can do it, but you have to do so much custom scripting to fight against the game that the juice doesn't really seem worth the squeeze. At some point they may improve the ground combat modeling but unfortunately it's just not there yet.

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