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I think I missed posting this one!  You need to know about...


Old School Tactical (OST), by Flying Pig Games.  Now that OST Vol. 2 and the "Airborne" expasion have recently been released...


Flying Pig Games:



Marcos wall of games is sick! :D




OST Vol. II...




OST Vol II Airborne...



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Germany at War Barbarrosa 1941 (Matrix Games) has just been updated to v1.08.  This is my fav "beer and pretzel" wargame. The dev keep´s updating the game every now and then which is great too!


Matrix Games GaWB 1941:



Update (you can also use the "auto-update" function from the game/Matrix splash screen):



Update log:


1.08 Changelog 

• New scenarios done by Jean Dillmann(aka terminator): 
◦ Eben Emael (1.03) 
◦ Battle of Odessa 1941 (1.02) 
◦ Kutno 1939 (1.04) 
• updated campaign Eastern Front v1.07 done by Zigmunds Steins(aka Marechal) 
• marker in improvement for selected changes 
• units can now be excluded out of the <tab> cycling of units by pressing <q> while the unit is selected 
• new victory condition possible: reduce minefield strength 
• unexplored areas are now named as such in the hex info of the panel 
• marker for used/ignored units 
• new AI abilities that improve offensive behavior which e.g. leads to raids against rear cities if the units are available 
• combat results can now be limited or completely turned off for the map in the options 
• Options End turn on/off 
• map of Western Europe 
• Extras folder with screenshots of the development (terminator) 

New units: 
• Finland: 
◦ Fokker D.XXI 
◦ 37 PstK/36 
◦ 40 ItK/36 
◦ Bunker garrison (terminator) 
◦ 8.8 FlaK from spring 1943 on 

• Germany: 
◦ Panzer IV F1 (terminator & Marechal) 
◦ SS (Elite)-Cavalry (Marechal) 
◦ Jager and Light Infantery (Marechal & terminator) 
◦ Panzer I Ausf. A 
◦ Panzer I Ausf. B 
◦ 3,7 cm PaK 36(p)  

• Hungary:
◦ Zrinyi II with skirts (model)  

• Italy: 
◦ L6/40 
◦ Macchi C.200 

• Netherlands: 
◦ Fokker D.XXI 
◦ Bofors 37mm 

• Poland: 
◦ wz.36 
◦ Bofors 40mm (AA) 

• Romania: 
◦ Bofors 37mm (AT)
• Soviet Union: 

◦ Bofors 37mm (AT) 

• Yugoslavia:
◦ Bofors 37mm (AT) 

• if units can be deployed and the last in the list was disbanded, the game crashed 
• embarking units into airtransport produced "ghost units" that could not be moved 
• values of resources and undeployed units were not updated after returning from recruitment to inspection 
• Crash in hq if you loaded a map without units 
• error in sound handler lead unter certain circumstances to a game crash in deploy window 
• engineers could remove mines while airborne 
• Slovak infantry too expensive 
• Elite Panzergrenadiers had no fuel (terminator) 
• rare crash under Windows 8 and 10 due to memory issues 
• minefields are visible by deploy 
• reinforcements that arrive on objects now occupy them 
• Jagdpanzer designations on counter unified + 38(t) was missing in English (terminator) 
• Missing images in messages at AGN Riga 1941,Riga 1941(single map) and AA-Lwow1941 
• FlaK sound does not work in all combat situations 
• some rocket units had wrong names & symbols on the counter (terminator) 
• supply fields of the enemy were not displayed in the editor 
• units with vehicles could be airborned (terminator) 
• AI equips support units before the first human turn (terminator) 
• Recruitment could be reached with shortcut even if it was not posssible in a scenario (terminator) 
• several typos (terminator) 
• transport structure was missing for Poland, Belgium, Netherlands and Yugoslavia (terminator) 
• "destroyed" marker did not disappear after railbridge was repaired (terminator) 
• added winter penalties to (terminator): 
• self-propelled artillery, anti-air and anti-tank with Pz. III or IV chasis follow the same winterrules as the respective tanks now 
◦ several self-propelled guns like Wurfrahmen 40 
◦ Panzergrenadiere 
◦ MechCorps 

• bridges can now bridge sea and lake hexes 

• German construction engineers now cost 100/batallion (terminator) 
• Soviet construction engineers now cost 100/batallion and have lower combat values (terminator) 
• Bf110 C-1,C-4 & F-2 +2 ammo (stormbringer3)+ 
• Zrinyi II +2 defense against ordnance (terminator) 
• Nato symbols of Polish units under Soviet control now have colour of minors 
• windowed mode is now rigid and stays in the size of the selected resolution 
• German cavalry available earlier than 10/1939 (terminator) 
• German cavalry can be bought in any kind of formation 
• bunker garrisons can be either battalion or regiment size in any nation (terminator) 
• observation companies are available from level 1 (was level 4) (terminator) 
• support units for scouts have been reduced and the remaining SUs are available for the batallions (terminator) 
• air units can get the +1 strength only from level 2 on (was level 1) 
• German security has division as default formation and new 3d model (2x rifle) 
• TP-7 was given correct name 7TP and values were adjusted (are now like Finnish T-26) (terminator) 

• Soviet destroyer which will come back in a later update but working correctly 
◦ button to start scripteditor from within the game 
◦ brigades had wrong maximum strength (terminator) 
◦ transports are not deleted if you switch unit types (terminator) 


Here´s a old (v1.07) gameplay of mine...




Also happy to announce that The Operational Art of War IV has just been released today! 


Matrix Games Shop:



Manual preview...



Game Intro:




Today´s live stream:






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Two GS (Grand Strategy) board games but with low counter print...


Unconditional Surrender, second edition (GMT):








The Second World War (One Small Step):













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3 hours ago, Volcano said:

I have Holland '44, and Normandy '44. Good games.  Been waiting on Fields of Fire (remake) for a long time, and FoF 2...




My guess is that you already know that FoF 2nd. edition is already out, and in shops.  Regarding FoF 2, I Imagen you mean FoF vol.II "With the Old Breed"?  In P500 but It´s been some time since!


FoF vol. II:



BGG FoF vol II:



In case you were not aware, there is a "Tabletop Simulator" version of Fields of Fire from the Steam Workshop...



Most likely I will be picking up FoF 2nd edit.(GMT) these holidays (auto-present :D), and Unconditional Surrender from my girlfriend.  Might PnP "Rifles in the Ardennes" too, so I´ll be set till next year with regards to wargames. A month worth of G.A.S. (Game Acquisition Syndrome)!



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On 22/11/2017 at 6:58 PM, Los said:

Got Wing and a Player, big counters, no clipping needed! I was up flying a squadron misison within 30 minutes. Rifles in the Ardennes ordered.


That´s sounds like good stuff! ;)


I have to wait till next month...


Meanwhile, more temptations!  Matrix holiday sales started and up until the 7th of jan.  Up to 75% off on all there catalog...



If anyone need´s suggetsions, just ask!


Happy gaming!

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In a fit of determination, I  have, in the past month bought, learned, played and enjoyed the following games:


"Islands of the Damned: Peleliu" by ATO.

"As tears go by: Operation Starlite" by High Fling Dice.

"City of Confusion: The Battle" for Hue by High Flying Dice

"Brezhnev's War" by Compass Games

"On a Wing and a Prayer: Bombing the Reich" by Lock N Load Publishing.

My Goal was to be able to set up learn and play each of these games within about two days.


On the table today is "Silver Bayonet 25th Anniversary" edition by GMT Games.


I also have been playing Flashpoint Campaigns per an above video. I particularity like the link with Breshnev's war as the whole theater, FPC for fighting along one section ala Fulda Gap, and Steel beasts. A few interesting occurrences in my FPC games I thought, hmm I wonder how that would look in Steel Beasts? I then developed a mission in the editor and played it in Steel beasts. I enjoy being able to move through all the command levels.



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Islands of the Damned, by against the odds magazine is awesome.  All time classic single player games.   Given up for dead is my favorite of the two games that come in this issue, because of the history of Wake island.  Both are great though.  
This issue is a great one to pick up if your new to wargaming.  It is inexpensive, and the games are simple, and fast to learn.  But still doing a great job a telling, letting you take part, in the history of these two forgotten battles.   And of course you get the magazine, with good primers of the history of both battles.
I got turned on to it by SingleHandedWarfare's youtube channel.  His videos are great, watch it played, info.   He doesn't post many videos these days, to busy with RL afaik. 
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Thanks guys for sharing! Yeah I was kind of wondering what happen to "SingleHandedWarfare´s" videos, it´s been a while since I´ve seen anything from him.



What issue nº is it?



Interesting titles!  I do have Silver Bayonet 25th. and very interested in Compass Games "Brezhnev·s War", but not much info out there, would like to at least see how the map looks.  Been reading the manual from the pre-order page over at Compass Games.


Speaking about Compass Games...


Triumph of Will by Ty Bomba which did a similar game to "Breznev·s War":



Stuka Joe tell´s us about it...





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Islands of the damn Peleliu I learned to play very rapidly, maybe 30 mins, but after one play through had picked up better tactics to be more successful next time and a desire to play it again. Its the kind of game you can probably get through in a two hour sitting.


Played Brezhnev's war again yesterday with my son. This is two sittings I have run through and would like to do another. Played the Southern half of the map last time this  yesterday was the northern half. The game starts out as one would expect with the Soviets having their way, but eventually the Nato reinforcements tricky in and combined with the longer lines and overextension, create nice opportunities for Nato counter attacks, the Air Superiority and EW rolls go your way. The Map scale is similar to The Next War (we only have about 50% of map showing so it could fit on my bar...thats why we played the northern half.), but the units are divisions and some brigades, so low counter density. Monster wargame-ish  without all the overhead. very easy to learn but with many tactical possibilities. This pic is maybe turn two. The Soviet and Nato reinforcements are barely on the map. For instance Soviet reinforcements are all in a cup, you draw them out randomly. so on turn three you would pull out three random soviet units (plus one artillery division).



We added a few custom rules. Every four units destroyed results in taking a shot of rum. This simulates the interference and meddling of political issues with the commanders...Our dead pile at end:


This one is good for his ROTC wargame group to play.



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Thanks LOS, very kind of you for sharing your pics and thoughts!  So from what I see on the pics, it´s a mounted map?  Strange coming from Compass Games, most maps are paper/stock on there games.  I have "A las Barricadas" (Spanish civil war) from Compass Games, and although the maps are real nice, they are stock paper, the game has some cool "LOS" rules by the way, similar to the MMP TCS series.


If your into the "cold war" theme (Fuldas Gap).  I suggest Avalon Hill´s "Tac-Air", I bought a used copy at BGG not to long ago...



Also If you ever want to play a Flashpoint Campaigns PBEM++ game, just drop me a msg and we can set-up a game.



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18 hours ago, Los said:

Yes Brezhnev's War map is like African Campaign (I have that too), not glossy ,  and it's sturdy.. BTW I might as well plug this product for protecting wargame maps...





Hmm, Interesting!  Don´t know how it works!  Iam using ye old plexiglass over my maps.


Tigers on the Hunt has been updated to v1.0.81...



One of my fav PC wargames, and it´s on sale...



It´s a ASL (Advance Squad Leader) clone for PC that uses the ASLSK rules.

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6 hours ago, Los said:

It's a clear plastic sleeve you slide your wargame map into.


Thanks LOS, might give it a try!


Here´s the new addition to the NW series, Next War Poland by GMT...










This one has just been promoted to the top of my list :)




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