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4 hours ago, Red2112 said:



You can browse the forum below, It´s from the Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts (Game-Labs). Nothing like fans for help, there´s quite some Info to be found.



I checked it out. Kinda surprising to see the hostility going on in regards to references. I got some reference books from Conway's for fairly cheap to start with; they are quite good.


Drach's channel is pretty good listening; I mainly watch it on long road trips. Most of the material is pretty close, but make sure to dig deeper if it interests you since some of the storytelling omits pieces of info to make it flow and entertain better. 


Honestly Dawn of the Battleship does a pretty good job with giving a quick primer on tactics of the era in a very concise manner. I used it as a foundation for building ships in Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnought and they absolutely slay (rapid firing guns over large guns, effective range of around 3,000 meters, putting torpedoes on EVERYTHING, etc.) 

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Yes I get what you mean with the folks on the Dreadnought forum. I got slammed on my first post because I said I would prefer a dedicated (or GOG) launcher that could work offline, Instead of the Steam launcher and Steams politics. I see that some are quite burnt, I guess due to the fact the game has been in WIP for such a long time, or that die hard fans, including fanboys are just like that for the most part, because I see this in most sim forums no mater what branch.


I already have Dawn of the Battleships, and Monroe´s Legacy in the basket. Mainly because It makes more sense to start from here and later move onto other more involving titles.


I recently bought a used copy of (reference for Command at Sea) Jane´s Fighting Ships of WWII. The second hand market is of great source for this hobby. I payed 15€ and Its in a good condition. Most of these titles are old so you can get them fairly cheap. So yeah Its a good source.  My eyes are old and TBH I rather read a book, but I must add that the font used in these old books Is freaking small! It´s like the old Avalon Hill rule booklets!

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from what i see in regiments and many other similar RTS games is there is a lot of resources put into the graphics so they look great up close from ground level- the problem is that RTS games are not playable at that scale. this is why you mostly see gameplay videos scaled out to a larger map view where the 3D models are represented as 2-D icons and the fighting happens at a distance; i think it is just a fact of reality that human being cannot coordinate that many units zoomed in up close to admire the graphics while actually playing the game. the graphics are an improvement over the first type of RTS games such as dune and command and conquer represented- but the gameplay is still going to be much the same and detailed views at the ground level of the units fighting and interacting with the environment simply doesn't allow the player to play the game at the same time, the irony is the graphics have improved, but it's not practical to admire them if you actually desire to play the game. the first combat mission's we go turn based system at least allowed the player up close views because the results of the way they system resolved combat could be replayed like a movie- which was inherent to the gameplay that turns were cut into time slices rather than a game engine continuously running

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2 hours ago, stormrider_sp said:

TRLG is my favorite wargaming developer. I don't like how the manual is written, but the rules themselves are pretty awesome.

I have to say the same with regards to the dev, and the writing Is ok for my head, I have red some others that I could not say the same though but not from this dev.  I also really like the production value, the counters and maps are very well made for my liking.  This along with the Assault series from GDW are my fav modern war rules and developers.  GMT´s Next War is "next". 😁


I was about to pull the trigger on this one about a month ago, but found it to expensive and I rather save my money for the next one on his other series. I still have to unwrap Dogs of War!


But I did buy two titles from GMT´s Next War series (Korea and Vietnam). The NW series goes out of print fast so I decided to go for those while they last Instead.

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