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22 hours ago, stormrider_sp said:

Heads up!

The third game of the series is already accepting reservations at:







Thanks @stormrider_sp I put mine In about a week ago. This will be the 3rd. module of the C3 series with two more to come.


Special Interest for me on this one because of the order of battle (different countries). Can´t say I like the box cover though 😄


Best wargame series on the topic IMO. I was about to get Doomsday Project Ep 1 Battle for Germany (Compass Games) because I like what Adam Starkweather has done with his OSS game engine, but to be honest Fabrizio has done a excellent job with his C3 series.  Might get Adam´s Test of Faith, also a OSS title but then again I have Mark Herman´s Flashpoint; Golan (Victory Games) which Is also on the same topic.  Both Mark H. and Adam S. are very Innovative wargame designers, I like them both and respect there games.


To many games, to little time!

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8 hours ago, Red2112 said:

Hard to master, but fun to play. Legend Bowl, don´t let the pixel art fool you, It´s a tough game/sim. On sale (50% off - 12US$) ends tomorrow...



There´s a NFL mod on there Discord. Controller recommended.





Nice one, brings me memories from Mega Drive days!

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1 hour ago, stormrider_sp said:

Nice one, brings me memories from Mega Drive days!

Glad you like It. Not to many mention Segas Mega Drive now day´s, I had the Mega Drive II. I can´t remember the NBA game I was hooked on (NBA Live 95 maybe), but It was one of the first games I won a NBA championship. I was playing as the Chicago Bulls when the bulls were really kicking a**.  Those were the days! BTW, they still sell the Mega Drive II mini on Amazon, I was shocked to see that!


I also like Pro Strategy Football. But this Is more of a management game. It´s also more relaxed...







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