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Glad you like them @Nike-Ajax .  Wish I had them all and time for them!


IDJester tell´s us about JTS (John Tiller Software) new updates and talks about the new "Panzer Battles" series (I have both)...




Calandale goes through the "Mighty Endeavor" campaign, a SCS series game by MMP...





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55 minutes ago, Nike-Ajax said:

WOW .... how do you find anyone even remotely at your level, to play all the tabletop strategy games with ?

In most cases (myself), wargamers play against themselfs!  We are a special kind of breed!  You split your mind in two, and try not to make a mess of the kitchen floor! :D

See Calandale´s video above (The Mighty Endeavor), he´s playing by himslf (nasty boy), at his cottage in the woods.


Some folks go to a gaming club where other people have the same hobby, some play by e-mail (PBEM) with the Vassal module (free), if it´s in a PC format, then you most likely play against the AI, or PBEM or Multiplayer, and lastly, some are only for solo play, or you can buy the solo expansion for that game.


Most of the time´s you teach someone, or someone teaches you how to play, because there´s alot of games out there and not everybody plays the same game.  If you want to jump into this, just let me know and will do something.  Now is the right time (sales) to pick up PC wargames.

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Combat Infantry by Colombia Games.  Block game that can be played solo, focused on Normandy firefights.  Six scenarios included.


Colombia Games:











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Tank Duel Enemy in the Crosshairs which is on GMT´s P500, shown/played below. Release date aprox. 4Q this year...











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Our gaming group (DCS, Arma, Steelbeasts) prefer to tie in our activities into overall campaigns. What do you guys think would be a good wargame to tie in to Steel Beasts? Maybe company or bn-sized maneuver units with a  setting on the central front. I have been developing a Vassal Module based on Nato Division Commander as one option , though the piece of terrain around Marburg doesn't appear to have a counterpart in any Steelbeasts map.





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5 hours ago, TSe419E said:

GDW's "The Third World War."

Good one!


I was just about to suggest GDW "Assault Tactical Combat Europe", or "Boots & Saddles" from the same series (my avatar).  I have both incoming this week along with GDW "Sands of Storm".  There is a great fan site behind the Assault series, with user-made stuff and advanced rules:



MJL (Captain Lion) has some great videos on his channel, once a RL Bradley leader...





You may also try "Main Battle Area" by Omega games...




Glad this is picking up :)


Nuts Publishing "Somme 1918" has good reviews too Los.



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