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I would have suggested this one too (it´s on my list), but since it appears on the "Wargame Memories" web page (T-Shirts), I though you would be aware of this one :)


@Ssnake @dpabrams

Thanks for the mug references!


The main problem is shipping.  Although I tried to find the shipping cost to EU at both sites, I would Imagen between €7-10.  So your buying a mug for around €30 with out a HiFi system and/or central heating!  At the shop I get my printing done, they offer same service for €20 a mug.  It´s only worth it (online) if you order more stuff from the store, or you really want "that" artwork.  Merchandising comes expensive, see Formula 1...


The other problem is the wify calling me "Sheldon" :D

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New module Normandy, the Beginning of the End from the "War Storm Series" in kickstart...



Founded in four hours! :)


There will also be a expansion module which will be for solitaire play that will work with al the War Storm Series modules.



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On 15.1.2018 at 5:56 PM, TSe419E said:

GDW's "The Third World War."

Oh, thanks for the memories! I played these ones excessively back in those years, beside Assault series , Gulf Strike, Aegean Strike, 2nd Fleet, 6th Fleet, and Flight Leader. Still have them, though stored away in the basement.


It were good times back then.  And many things indeed felt better. And we were younger. :D

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On 15.1.2018 at 11:27 PM, Red2112 said:

Good one!


I was just about to suggest GDW "Assault Tactical Combat Europe", or "Boots & Saddles" from the same series (my avatar).  I have both incoming this week along with GDW "Sands of Storm".  There is a great fan site behind the Assault series, with user-made stuff and advanced rules:



MJL (Captain Lion) has some great videos on his channel, once a RL Bradley leader...





Hear hear! :)

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On 17/1/2018 at 6:44 PM, Red2112 said:

Campaign Series Middle East 1948-1985 will be updated to v2.0 tomorrow.  This will be a free update if you already own the game...



Matrix Games product page:





As a side note...


This is a clean install, so it will not update via de usual way (check for updates).  You have to un-install your original version, download v2.00 from your "my products" section, install with your S/N and off you go!  Do not try to update V2.00 via "check-updates", it will revert back to v1.02 again.



Nice stuff :)





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Some of you might already be aware of the PC version due out some time this year.  Now we see the boardgame which kicks off it´s kickstart the 22nd of this month.  The game will use a app for realtime play, and overall it look´s quite inetersting...









Rig for silent running...



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Continuing with my Tannenberg Battle replays....

This first one is 1914:The Cossack's are Coming by BRO games. After taking a couple days to get it ready playing it with teh space allotted was difficult, as it's a complex game and I was just learning it. The rules are a bit dense to get through but I like the scale and various aspects of it.After a few "cat" attacks I decided to shelve it till my new Dining room/Secret gaming table is complete.


Currently I am playing Tannenberg by Schroeder Wargame publishing. This is theh introductory game of Der Weltkreig Series. It plays quicker, units are divisions and brigades. I liked it enough that I bought the rest of the games in the series (He does all of WW1 at the division level.)



Meanwhile I am listening to this on Audible: 



Collision of Empires, which is a perfect companion to a wargamer's exploration of Tanneberg and WW1 Eastern Front.




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A bit of a follow-up with regards to "General Staff" (see page 4 of this thread).


Seem´s that kickstart went well and beta testing is ongoing.





Dev following at Grogheads:







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La Bataille series rule comparison...





Info and docs...


Clash of Arms:



Marshal Enterprise:



Further rule sets (PDF):



Free Print and Play:















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