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Kanium Sunday 27th of AUG 1800 UTC "Team Kanium Movement to Contact"

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Kanium Sunday 27th of AUG 1800 UTC "Team Kanium Movement to Contact"
Where: Kanium TS
World clock 1800 UTC


Everybody is velcome , though we recommend that new players contact Major Duck, Swordsmandk to get an intro to our use of TS and get setup and get a small get familiar session sometime before the scen as it can be a very very steep learning curve to play multiplayer compared to single player.

Its our experience that most new players hang around much longer with that approach and most learn something new that way.

We have no requirement for participants to be a member of our VU(Virtual Unit) and you can be a member of other VU's and still play with us or to participate on any number of games etc..., we have a rule that says that your only velcome when you want to play and remember family is more important then the game.



Enemy: A reinforced enemy mechanized infantry company has established a defense-in-depth at two bridge crossing sites at the river. They are composed of 4x PLT of BMP2's and infantry armed with AK74s and RPG-27s. They have been supplemented with tank support, consisting of 3x Platoons of T-80 tanks. Additionally, the enemy we are facing has been given priority of engineer support - expect dug-in positions with at least one protective mine belt. 

Friendly: 1st Division is preparing for a massive assault within the built-up areas north, across the river. However, Team Kanium must first seize two vital bridge crossing sites to support the follow-on attack. 


EXECUTION: Player driven
Fires: 6x tubes of 120mm (organic)
Support: 1x Suppot Platoon (Repair/Resupply)

Friendly map updates only
Friendly ID is on
No penalty zones (honor system - please don't go outside of our boundaries)



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16 hours ago, Swordsmandk said:

As said game is free for all to come. If you dont have access or dont want to go to kanium site then just show up on the evening and we will pick you up from there



Everybody has access to the Kanium site, all you have to do is register in order to make a post. The only reason for that, is because otherwise the site would be spammed by bots.

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