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On 30/08/2017 at 10:09 PM, DarkAngel said:

What is the R for? I assume Radiation but isn't that covered by the N (Nuclear)?.



CBRN is the new NBC


As it was explained to me....

NBC core concept is to survive and fight within in a contaminated environment.

CBRN core concept is to evacuate the contaminated zone first, then continue fighting.


N = Nuclear, Big bang, lots of light, heat, avoiding Fallout etc

R = Radiological, what are termed dirty bombs, spreading of radioactive material usuing conventonal explosives or if you wanted artillery shells.




So anyway, I'm happy about this new feature development announcement

It would certainly liven up the early coldwar scenarios where the soviet attack plan was "Nuke everythign in sight"

Make for a good "What's left of NATO ground troops tries to hold back the Red advance"


And rumours hint at other more "adding depth" features coming down the pipeline.

But I'm looking forward to the new terrain engine, people who tried it have been impressed.



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On 8/30/2017 at 2:04 PM, Ssnake said:

To me, this is more of a starting point for development, rather than the end of it. While I don't see a direct application case for the Personal Edition, who knows what will come from it. :)

SSNake,  I was involved in some of the setting of requirements and use cases for CBRN into UK CATT.  I am more that willing to share some of my experience on this one if it helps.


As a former UK CBRN Recce and Survey Troop leader, Sqn 2ic and Ops Officer I have done a bit in this area.


The key thing is being able to replicate the tactical effect that the user is trying to achieve and then for the subject to be able to detect, treat, react and potentially find.

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Whats the logic on looking at Bio.  The hazard areas are enormous and the incubation period of a length that it is unlikely to take effect during a mission.  Chem is relevant and by understanding the drills and TTPs in Chem you can apply to Bio and Rad.  Nuclear is just the end of days... and like hitting end of mission...


That said it depends on what you are trying to achieve.  The section in Team Yankee and the changes to low level TTPs following first use are a useful handrail.

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