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M60 Gunner range display?

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Hi there, just playing around with Ver 4.0 after a long absence. 


Have I got this right? There seems to be no way for the M60A3 gunner to view the range returned from the LRF. This seems awkward since you may want to analyse the returned range for a whole host of reasons. In the real tank I guess the TC would be calling it out. How was it done for real? How can we do it in sim? When using the LRF from the TC's position we can see the 3 return values at the bottom left in the status bar thing. Should this be added to the gunners station, just to substitute the TC calling it out? Does the gunner need to know the range?


Also second M60 question. How do the 3 fire control modes work? Normal, Emergency and Manual don't seem to work as in the Abrams. Can we get these distinct conditions in the M60? Does turning off stabilization effectively put it into emergency mode?



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