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What SHOULD be your countrys fighting mascot

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Hi All


If you could choose ONE animal to embody the fighting spirit and warrior ethos of your own country, then what would that be?

It doesnt have to be the one usually associated with your country - be creative.


One point though: please dont use the platform as a soapbox to badmouth any other countries soldiers - there are other venues for that, thanks.


To start of, then the soldiers of Denmark post-pacifism and cold war foot-dragging, could be this:




Its a bit of a stretch maybe. But Greenland is a part of Denmark, and the Sirius Sledge patrol still enforce danish sovereignity over it. Plus the idea is what your countrys soldiers could and should aspire to. The polar bear never backs down from a fight but is in general not extremely aggresive (might be hungry though)


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23 hours ago, Marko said:



Good one: so the military Mascot of Ireland should be a Wildcat? That makes sense actually :D


We havent forgotten the Siege of Jadotville

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