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Operation Ramadan Mubarak


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I created a scenario based on the Iraq-Iran 1980-88 war where the Iraqi's launched an offensive to take back the town of Al Faw.


Operation Ramadan Mubarak - Iran-Iraq War       by Connaugh











Well, men. We are ready to expel the Iranian invaders that have been occupying our soil for two years. The Iranians have set up several defensive zones in front of the town of Al Faw with infantry in trenches backed up by M60 tanks. With three Republican Guard units, the Medina, Baghdad, and Hammurabi and the 7th Corps of the 6th Armored and 7th Infantry, we will attack and clear Al Faw of the enemy. The 7th Corps will advance south along the Shatt Al Arab and clear any opposition encountered all the way to Al Faw. The Republican Guard units will advance south on the right flank of 7th Corps.


Enemy forces are comprised of M60 tank units and infantry with anti-tank weapons.


Two hour limit.


Points for clearing Al Faw.

Points for destroying 50% of enemy units



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A quote from the DIA's ME Section Chief (Col. Pat Lang) from around that period about the operations at the end of the war (which this scenario would appear to represent the start of). I figure you might find it interesting.


In the final campaign of the Iraq-Iran War the Iraqis conducted sustained multi-division armored operations on a scale not seen since WW2. The last of these, Operation "In God We Trust" (Tawakalna ala Allah) involved four armored divisions in a semi-circular "raid" 100 kilometers deep which returned to Iraq lines. This op destroyed what was left of the maneuver forces available to Iran and directly led to Iranian acceptance of the UN sponsored armistice. I was invited to the display of the booty seized from the Iranians in this raid. It was held in a camp just south of Baghdad. There were a couple thousand formerly Iranian tanks, APCs, artillery pieces, AAA and trucks all marked with whitewash with the name of the Iraqi unit that had captured. I went to Cairo to show the pictures to Mubarak. He asked what he was looking at. I said it was the dead body of an army.


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